Property Investing

Investments That Generate Real Returns

Property Investing

Benefit from a unique partnership with experienced industry experts.

Our experienced industry experts will make you benefit from this unique partnership, with advantageous returns.

Our Objectives

Realistic projections, proven-by-experience investment strategies and conservative underwriting are the tools which generate attractive returns. Our target is both single and multifamily properties present in value-based market. They represent strong growth potential and will give you a high ROI.

Our Business Model

The CAP factor of 7-8% or rental income alone (not factoring in appreciation) is what our business model is based on. Translating your property into a more valuable asset for you is done by our appreciation model, which we base upon conservative rent roll. This type of investment vehicle has a very low risk margin, giving exceptional return values.

Benefits Of Investing With Everest

Investing with EVEREST REALTY is an appealing option for qualified investors looking for limited risk options for capital preservation. By partnering with Everest, you'll benefit from the following:

Inquire About Our Services

Everest Realty is taking pride not only in our core competencies in Real Estate Investments, Property Management and construction, but also in our adaptable services. You could already have a few prospect properties which we are happy to analyze and advise for or against, or we can find them for you, and further manage them as your property management choice. Our services cater for your needs. We are here to help you.