Why Everest Property Management?

Our client portfolio and feedback will help you understand why owners trust Everest Property Management.

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We Understand the Local Market

Everest Property Management has created a national network, with local market well-trained property managers, accountants and maintenance personnel which manage hundreds of real estate assets for more than 10 years. Having our professional rooted in their local markets develops a clear understanding of property management in the Florida market. The local expertise accumulated over the years helps our company provide occupancy for the owner's property, while minimizing the expenses. 

Understanding the Market

We know the security of your property is top priority.

Property showings are only done under the supervision of a certified agent. Access is not granted into your property to a prospective tenant unless a licensed Agent is there. 

Security code lockboxes are used on each property, so that other Agents do not have to sign out a key at our office. Not only is it deterrent for them, but we avoid situations when a home is not showcased if an Agent forgets they key and the commute to take it from the office would take too long.

Our E&O (Error & Omissions) insurance covers all our managed properties, with no additional cost for the owner. 

We use multiple outlets to advertise and show your property.

The time of ads, placed on walls and street posts, is long overdue. This is why we have developed a strong and aggressive Internet Marketing Strategy, without looking at costs, in order to generate qualified leads and turn them into partners. 

We do not resume to free ad-listing websites, but also to high-ranking pay-to-advertise publications. Craig's List alone is not the way to handle property exposure and we take pride in getting serious clients from our strategy. 

Exposure for your property is not done only M-F, from 9 to 5. Weekends are free for future tenants and busy for us showing your home. 


We use the latest technology to your advantage.

"A photo is worth more than a thousand word" – This is our motto, so our company has seen the value of investing in professional photography equipment and training for our staff, in order to capture the colors, details and atmosphere that makes your house, a home.

  Adaptability is one of the key to success for our company. This is why managing your property can be done by our professionals from anywhere, using cloud services, instead of sticking to a cubicle. We manage; we generate leads and reduce vacancy time, converting our services in income for you. 

All our Property Managers have their company-issued iPads, with 3G service, in order for them to access the internet on the field, manage applications from prospective tenants and engage them in a showing. This reduces the risk for the tenant to get back home, find another property and miss the opportunity. Time is essential and we manage it in the best way on the market. 

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We are available 24/7

Our Owner's Portal helps you log-in and access with the ease of a click your latest monthly management statements and update your accounted on a need basis: contact or banking information, review maintenance invoices, access your management contract and executed lease and more! A similar version is available for tenants, with the option of online payment through e-check or credit card. 



You do not have to worry about colleting rent anymore. Our professional collection department has an easy job, as very few of our pre-screened tenants have ever incurred late fees and even a lesser percentage has dealt with eviction. However, if this misfortune happens, we deal with eviction and possession services. 

Maintenance & Repairs

We have a fully prepared, 24/7 available maintenance staff to handle any emergencies which may appear on your property. The partnerships built with our network of preferred vendors help us send you the bill we receive, and you do not have to pay a single cent above that. 

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Financial & Reporting

Detailed monthly e-statements for accounting are not optional, they are guaranteed. They include, for each unit: gross rent, paid commission and any deducted maintenance costs. All security deposits are held, as state regulation demand, in a Trust account. You are paid as soon as funds are received and they are never held, even if we do not offer a direct deposit options. Year-end financials which categorize all income and expenses for tax purposes + 1099 preparation are given to you.

Affordable & Focused Service

Everest Property Management is your most affordable solution for managing real estate. From residential single or multifamily homes to condos, townhouses, we provide management and acquisitions in a professional manner. Our client portfolio appreciates the accent we place on property management instead of listing, ensuring them of our care and attention to their investment. 


Proven Systems, Trained Professionals

Everest Property Management has helped set the highest standards in Florida’s property management industry, not only by building a team of experienced, accredited managers, high-level accountants and maintenance technicians, but also by adapting and incorporating innovative processes and systems, thus making the management process easier and more efficient.  

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