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Property Management Services

Increase Your Income

You CAN rent your property by yourself! But you will be part of that margin which gets 10-15% less money out of their property rentals in Florida, while the rents have increased by 8% last year only! Owner-managed rentals always make less money. Let us help you make more, by increasing your rent and lowering your expenses! 

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Experience taught us the best online and offline advertising methods. Our campaigns place us on the top national rental listing websites, giving your property the best exposure there is.



You are busy and so is your future tenant. You are both our clients and we cater to all needs. That is why we chose to become one of the only Property Management companies that provide showings during the weekends, not only weekdays. It makes us busy, but also, it is the fastest way to rent a property, and your vacancy period reduces significantly. 

In-Depth Tenant Screening

Release yourself from the hassle of screening your future tenants. You are worried about the consequences of letting a wrong tenant into your property, and who wouldn’t be, since it might involve losing thousands of dollars. Everest Realty’s thorough screening process complies with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as the Fair Housing Act, and includes various aspects, like rental and credit history, income verification and even criminal history.  



The partnership with your tenant doesn’t stop after giving them the keys. Everest Realty takes care of educating tenants on a comprehensive lease package, developed continuously over the years, with the help of our legal partners. You, your property and your money are secure, because we do not like taking chances on your behalf. 

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Financial Reporting

You can always verify your financial records. Our 24/7 account access lets you check on the income and expenses your property generates, and you never have to wait in front of a closed door for your money. 

Financial Reporting
Maintenance Service

Flexible Maintenance Options to Save You Money

We understand you want your property to be taken care of as best as it can. And we also know you built a relationship with vendor contacts or have been taking care of it yourself. You can continue to do so, or you can let us hassle with every maintenance issue that may come along. We have our own in-house maintenance staff, which is here to keep your property in good health, in a professional manner. And they don’t have to wait until they finish work. This is their work! You only need to approve it through our state of the art management software. 

Property Inspections

By maintaining a relationship with your tenant as well as with you, we can manage the property better. This involves property inspections as well, helping us identify eventual or sudden problem which could appear without notice. 

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Rent Collection

You don’t have to make the calls or drive to get your money. We have our high-standard collection team, which makes the process of collecting your rent extremely professional, being able to load the money into your account right away. 


Nobody’s perfect and relationships don’t always end as they should. That is why, when it comes to the eviction process, we take it off your hands and give you a call when it is all finished.


Online Payments

Online is the word of the 21st Century. And so is our property management software system. You can access, verify, ask and send information and use the online payment system instead of wasting time getting to our office and back home. 

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Legal Input

Owners, who have dealt with legal issues with their tenants, understand the struggles that come this type of problems. You don't have to. Our legal team knows every in and out of tenant-landlord relationships in Florida and are here to advise you properly. 


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