Types of bad quality tenants you don’t want inside your property

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Bad quality tenants are nothing short of a nightmare for landlords. They can create troubles for a landlord in many ways. Some stop paying rent altogether while others can go to the extent of damaging the property itself. There are even tenants that drag their landlords to courts of law, creating more troubles for them. While tenants are all unique, here are some of the common types of troublesome tenants frequently experienced by landlords.

Quickly moving out tenants

These tenants are not strictly bad quality tenants, but they create problems for their landlord. They create vacant units that need to be prepared for the arrival of new tenants. Tenant turnover is a big headache for the landlord as it impacts cash flow and he suffer from the double blow of lost rental income and expenses on cleaning and repairs. This is the reason why landlords allow entry only to tenants that are not likely to move out quickly from their property. It is better to check their past rental record and employment record to make sure they will stay in your property for a long time to come.

Nonpaying tenant

These are the worst nightmares for a landlord. They will talk sweetly and even pay the first month’s rent in advance in cash to create a nice impression on the landlord. But their first payment often turns out to be the last one as they put up on e or the other excuse for nonpayment of rent. It becomes difficult for a landlord to recover the dues from these tenants and he decides to get rid of them even if they do not pay any money. This is because landlords know that resorting to eviction proves even more lengthy and tiring for them.

It is better to carry out credit check of all applicants to screen individuals with record of late payments. If you find that some tenants are dillydallying in rent payment, you can impose late fee on them to make it clear to all tenants that you are serious about timely payment of rent.

Dirty home tenants

When you are looking at the application forms, you are more concerned about timely payment of rent and criminal background of the applicant than whether he will keep your property clean or not. This is the reason why many landlords get some tenants who are not interested in keeping their homes clean at all. When you visit the home on a routine inspection, you see the home covered with dirt but you cannot take any legal action as the tenant has not violated any terms of the lease agreement. To prevent entry of dirt loving tenants in your property, it is prudent to add a clause about cleanliness in the lease agreement.

Difficult to handle tenants

This is a category of tenants that is difficult to satisfy even for the best of landlords. They will find flaws, drawbacks, and errors in everything from furniture to furnishing and from flooring to HVAC. You make every effort to keep your rental property well maintained and fit to live inside. But if you have problem tenants inside the property, they will cringe about lacuna's in their safety even when you have installed electronic surveillance and security alarms. These tenants are complaining about one or the other thing and you cannot satisfy them. It is better to keep such tenants out of your property at the stage of application.

The quarrelsome tenant

These are tenants who like to pick up quarrels with their neighbors on the slightest of pretext. They will keep creating troubles for by picking up fights with their neighbors and you will be asked to adjudicate in petty problems. These tenants will make sure you do not have peace of mind if they are living inside your rental property.

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