AIRBNB business: Pros and Cons of short-term rental automation

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Short-term rentals or vacation rentals are good sources for people around the world. Airbnb is an attractive platform, although it requires responsible behavior from landlords. Owners have to manage a lot of activities like communication with guests, cleaning, managing listings, and check-ins.

As time passes and landlords start getting regular income, they want to streamline operations. They want some kind of automation, which allows them to focus on other things as well. For this purpose, some owners hire a property manager or get services from a property management company. Another option is to buy automation software for the Airbnb business, which can help you as an assistant. Many people are confused about such software and are not sure about investing in these tools. This article will provide you with information about the advantages and disadvantages of automation software and you can make your decision, accordingly.

Pros of short-term rental management software

Automation software can be very helpful for your Airbnb business. Here we are discussing a few advantages which can help you to decide if you need it or not. 

Perfect communication with guests

If you are working as an Airbnb rental or have a vacation rental unit, good communication is the key to success. You need to communicate with the guests throughout their journey to build a strong relationship with them. If they are happy during their stay, they will give you a 5-star review and you will have more guests. Communication is the key to establishing yourself as a good host. However, it requires your time and attention to call or message your guests at the appropriate time. 

Automation software can save you time. You can use the message templates available there. You can also send them messages at preset times and dates. You can also customize templates, as short codes are available which saves you time. Moreover, various other smart elements are also available to help you. At the more advanced level, some apps are also available which are based on artificial intelligence. They can detect questions commonly asked by guests and send them personalized responses, without any delay. Your guests will be happy to have quick responses and they will be unable to guess if they are communicating with you or your virtual assistant. 

Direct bookings will be easy

The automation software comes with the website builder. You can build a website for your vacation rental business. Building a website is very easy in this way and it does not require any tech background. But the advantage of the website is, it allows you to accept direct bookings. 

It means if you use automation software you will not be completely dependent on travel agencies for bookings. It will be easier for you to market your property. You can turn it into a brand and can be ahead of your competitors. Direct booking can increase the occupancy rate and eventually, you can make more money. Automation will keep a record of coming guests and books and there will be no overlap. Moreover, the software can communicate with those guests too, and Make direct bookings on the website. 

Centralized booking for the guests

Short-term rental owners use different platforms for booking their rental units. It helps them to get exposure and more guests. However, it is very difficult to sync different channels and manage availability or rental units. It can be more difficult if you have several vacation rentals. Sometimes owners have to face the trouble of double booking and in other cases, they fail to answer the queries of guests. Both situations can destroy the reputation of your business. 

Automation software has a channel manager service, which allows owners to connect multiple online accounts with the same server. They allow you to update pricing from the same platform. There will be no double bookings and you will not lose any clients. 

Collect positive reviews from your guests

Positive reviews help to build a positive image of the business and it’s true for the real estate business as well. Usually, guests give no reviews for an ordinary stay. You have to make them feel special and encourage them to leave positive feedback. Landlords don’t leave reviews for their guests as they are busy managing things. But if you have automation software, the request will be generated automatically and will be published too. You can set a review template and it can generate reviews for your guests on your behalf. 

Automatic assignment of tasks to teammates

The vacation rental business is about giving a pleasant living experience to the guests. You need to have a good team to take care of different tasks like cleaning, maintenance, and bookings. A team can properly manage things and grow business. The landlord has the responsibility to assign tasks to all the team members. Automation software has a task management feature, which helps to assign routine operations to the team members. They will get notifications automatically and there will be no delay in tasks. 

Cons of short-term rental management software

Automation software helps the business, but everything is not all good about the software. There are some cons also associated with it, which we are discussing here. 

A costly choice

If you are looking for good software, with all the required features, it can be expensive. You have to pay subscription charges and the overall price depends on the features it offers. But if you compare the cost with hiring a property manager, you will find the software very cheap. Automation will help your business to grow and it will be an advantage in the long run. 

Difficult to use

Software, particularly management software may not be simple to use. Most people find it very difficult and it will take some time to learn the use of these tools. Try to find software, which offers online support for the users. Some software offers customer care service around the clock and helps users with demos. You can also organize training sessions for the staff and learn new software.

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