Are You Keeping Pace with Changing Trends as Property Manager?

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Property management has become a huge industry these days. More and more landlords are signing contracts with property managers to look after their properties as they are finding it difficult to cope with demands of being a landlord. It is a different thing to keep a tenant in your single home or apartment and altogether different ball game to deal with many tenants and the upkeep of your property with several residential units.  Also, the advent of technology has made it an easier job for the property managers though property owners still find it overwhelming. If you are running your own property management business, it is hard to remain indifferent to all the changes taking place in this industry. Here are some very important changes to check whether you as a property manager keeping pace with them or not. 

Make use of modern gadgets and technology

Smart property managers are making use of not just smartphones and tablets but also many apps to handle the challenges they face in their job on a daily basis. By doing so, these professionals are able to cater to the requirements of not just property owners but also tenants living in individual units of these properties. It is not a surprise then when property managers report an increase of 45% in their productivity and 44% increase in their efficiency because of the use of gadgets and technology. All these gadgets and technologies are easily available in the market.

If you are a property manager, you can consider yourself on duty 24 hours a day and on all 7 days of the week. Ir is indeed a very difficult task of providing all the services to your tenants as a landlord by being present at the premises all the time. This is where modern means of fast communication, instant messaging, and transfer of photos and videos has made life easier for the property managers

Make use of inspections app in your mobile

It is your job as a property manager to pay regular visits to the property of the client. Some of these visits are to carry out inspections of the property to check the condition and to identify problems that need a fix. For this purpose, it is essential for you to download a property inspection app in your smartphone. All you need to do is to open the app and enter the condition of the property where you are. You can later open the app to take an informed decision. These apps also allow you to click photos and upload to your account to keep track of the repairs and maintenance later on during scheduled maintenance.

Handle moving in and out of tenants without any hassles

As a property manager, it is your responsibility to facilitate easy and smooth move ins and move outs of your tenants. By using property management software, you can not only streamline tenant screening process but also manage their move ins and move outs without any difficulty. Most property managers use this software and now admit that these processes have become smoother and more efficient than before for them. Tenant screening process becomes easier through use of forms with questions for the prospective tenants. On the basis of answers provided by them to the questions in this form, you as a property manager can take a better decision. You can screen the most eligible applicants through this form to make hiring process more efficient.

Create communication portals on your website

It is not humanly possible to be present on the site 24 hours a day to answer the queries and to take in the complaints from your tenants. You need to create portals for communication on your website for the tenants and the owner. These portals will keep you updated with all the information that you will ever need to fulfill your role as a property manager. You remain prepared and stress free by adding these communication portals as you obliterate the need to send and receive emails all the time. 

Establish an online contact center

This is another popular tool in the armory of property managers that helps them greatly in performing their responsibilities. You need to be ready at all times to face a barrage of tenancy related questions from applicants. Disgruntled tenants complaining about plumbing or roof leaks can also be tackled easily by setting up a contact center by the property manager. It is like having your own 24X7 service center without being asked to remain present on the premises. You as the property manager have access to this online contact center at all times and you can view all requests about maintenance or questions related to leases without any delays. 

If you remain alert and embrace modern technology, there is no reason why you cannot become a very successful property manager.  

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