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If you are in the rental business you want a steady cash flow every month and for that, you need to make your property attractive for tenants. If your property is valuable for tenants they will love to stay there for a long time and your cash flow will not disturb. According to a survey, more than 40% of landlords look after and manage their properties on their own. These owners must add those features to their properties, which help to make them more attractive.

Many features can add value to your property but the most important one is security. Everyone wants a secure home for his family and belongings. If your rental home is secure, it will be a great attraction for tenants. Security measures are a great way to streamline your monthly income. Here are some tips, which you will find helpful in terms of security. 

Consider the security needs of tenants

The first thing you should keep in mind about security is, it must improve the living experience of tenants. Avoid investing in those security tools and gadgets which can make the life of tenants inconvenient. It should not create any problems in the routine and daily activities of residents. If security devices will create problems for tenants, it will devalue your property and there will be no use for this investment. In such cases, tenants try to leave the house as soon as they get to any other appropriate place.

So when you are selecting security gadgets and devices, convenience should be the priority. For instance, make sure it will not create any problems when tenants want to enter the house. The devices should be easy to control and manage. Moreover, they should be easy to maintain and must not be very expensive. 

Smart door locks and intercoms

Smart intercoms and door locks can be a great investment in terms of security devices. These smart devices are cloud-based security solutions. Tenants can operate them even from a distance through their smartphones and other devices. Tenants find it very convenient, as they can lock and unlock the doors of the house in their cars and when they are away from the property. Sometimes people leave the house in hurry and forget if they have locked the door or not. It can be a very stressful situation, but smart locks solve this problem and residents can check the locks whenever they want. Smartphones have added ease and all smart devices can be easily controlled through them. 

Smartphone access feature

An intercom system is another attractive security feature. The keycard entry system is expensive and new tenants have to wait for their credentials. This problem can be easily solved by using the smartphone access control feature. Mobile credentials are secure and very easy to use as well. Users can unlock the door by pressing mobile devices on the reader installed on the door or simply by waving their hand to the reader. It will connect with their smartphones remotely and let them access the house. Bluetooth-enabled devices work without any touch. It is not only easy to use but also reduces the spread of germs, as buttons and touch pads are a big cause to spread infections.

Identity Verification to stop unauthorized access

The most common problem with security devices is Unauthorized access. People can access codes and other credentials to enter the house. A video intercom can solve this problem. It has an inbuilt camera to record video, which will do identity verification at the entrance of the building. If the tenant finds it difficult to enter the building, you can see the video and allow him to enter by using your smartphone, connected to the intercom. It reduces the chances of intruders entering the building and gives a feeling of security to tenants. Moreover, if tenants lose their devices, they can enter the house without any trouble.

Use of integrated technology for security

Integrated security systems are the new face of security. These cloud-based systems work on API integrations and offer better security than the individual system. Following are examples of some best integrations used these days. 

Access control and video: Identity verification is very important for security. If a landlord invests in video intercom and integrates its reader with access control, it can be the best solution for identity verification. Video feed and access control can be easily managed with a single interface. It will be very easy to verify the identity for security personnel. 

Smart building security: Security devices of the home can be integrated with the security devices of the building if you have a rental apartment or condo. Access control can be integrated with energy devices as well to save energy and reduce monthly utility bills. For instance, doors can be connected to lights in a room. When someone enters the room lights are turned on and they automatically switch off when a person leaves the room.

Guests and visitors management: Software is available for visitor and guest access control. They will get automated registration forms on their mobile devices and after registration, they can access the building, temporarily. They will be signed out automatically when they leave the building. This kind of software can reduce the cost of hiring reception officers and security staff. 

Application of cloud-based video technology

If you want to access security data from anywhere, cloud-based video security is the best solution. It allows you and your tenants to keep an eye on the property when you are away. Security camera feed can be seen on a smartphone or a laptop. Residents can check their postal mail and parcels even when they are away. Moreover, if there is a security breach,  security personnel can respond to that quickly. 


Security is very important for every property. Good security can be a great attraction for tenants. When landlords invest in security devices they should consider the convenience of the tenants first. Sophisticated security devices integrated with other systems can be a great way to retain tenants for a long time. 

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