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Return for commercial real estate investment is around 9.5% on average. To get maximum return on your investments you have to plan an error-free management process. However, many commercial real estate investors have no idea about the improvement of their management processes and they cannot ensure maximum revenue. 

Here we discuss a few tips for commercial landlords, these are property management tools and the best practices, which will enable them to improve the management process, leading to maximum return on their investment.

Tips for lease management

If you want to make your property more desirable for tenants, these tips can help you. You will find them helpful for property management and you can get maximum profit from your commercial property investments. 

Have a good property management software

Property management software are the tools that streamline all processes related to a particular property. You can organize all the data related to commercial properties very easily. You can offer your tenants a better platform to make maintenance requests and they can pay monthly rent without any trouble. 

Accessing payment information is also very easy for landlords and property managers, with the help of this property management software. They can easily send reminders to tenants if the payment is late. Moreover, tenants can pay their rent from anywhere, no matter whether they are in town or anywhere else, so it reduces the chances of late payments. 

Tenants can easily request maintenance services and can track the progress of their requests. If tenants will be facilitated, it will make your property attractive. You can retain good tenants for a long time and when the house is vacant, you will get multiple applications from people who are interested in your home. 

Take market data seriously

It is very important to pay attention to market data. It will help you to understand current commercial real estate conditions and you will be able to devise your property management strategy according to the present situation. A little research about the market will help you to analyze whether your property is desirable according to market demands and trends or not. You can also make changes in your property to make it more attractive for tenants if competition is tough in the local market. If you don’t find any close competitors, there will be no need to spend money. 

Market trends can help you to find the areas of growth and you can also get information about the latest commercial property issues. This data will help you to know what property prices are and you will be able to adjust rental prices accordingly. 

In short, you must have an idea about all the sectors of commercial real estate. You will be able to know which of your properties are high in demand and for which properties you need to improve your management. 

Improve communication

Good communication between landlords and tenants is very important. If you are using property management software, it means your tenant can contact you at any time. It also ensures that it’s not only the tenant but the landlord who can also communicate with tenants, whenever needed. Moreover, if you communicate using property management software, it will be easier for you to keep the track of your conversation with tenants and vice versa. For instance, if the tenant cannot pay rent, he will be able to reach out quickly and you will be able to resolve the problem in a short time. 

Communication with tenants and responding to their questions takes a lot of time for property managers. Using the software you can use this time more effectively. The software offers a chat feature, which enables tenants to communicate with landlords 24/7. It is a great tool to resolve small issues and problems. It is time-saving as well; landlords can pay more attention to large issues. 

Safe end of lease improvements

When a lease period ends, it is an opportunity for landlords. You can make some improvements and do the marketing of your property again. Highlight the attractive features and you can also impose new terms and conditions. Add those terms, which will be beneficial for you in long run. Keep an eye on current market trends and reevaluate your property according to new market conditions. However, your property should be in good condition and attractive for the tenants, if you want to impose new terms of your choice. 

You can upgrade your commercial properties in multiple ways. For instance, you can rearrange the floor-plan of the building, if it is used as an office. Office spaces are very much in demand these days. Small businesses need desk space and people are moving towards hybrid business models. Similarly, if you have multifamily property, you can repaint it to make it more attractive. Any improvement in commercial property will make it more marketable and will help you to make more money, as a result of leasing arrangements. 

Use occupancy management software

The use of occupancy management software will enable you to understand how your facilities and amenities are used. Internal and external locks of the building can be integrated with this software. This kind of facility is more useful for multifamily houses and helps you to attract more tenants. 

Occupancy management software can help you to know how often tenants are using communal areas like the gym, swimming pool, bar, laundry facility, and dining areas. If the data indicates inadequate use of a particular amenity, you can adapt or convert it to something else, which is more useful and more attractive. It is very helpful for landlords to optimize the use of their property in the best possible way. When tenants will have attractive facilities, they will be ready to be your renters for a long time. 

Use cloud-based software

If you want to centralize your lease data, you use cloud- based software. It will make information more easily accessible for you. All the members of your team will be able to access data, no matter where they are. 


Property management software can play a vital role to improve your property management strategy. You can use the end of the lease as an opportunity to make improvements and make your property more desirable for tenants. These tips and practices can help you to have better management practices.

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