Do you know what Amenities Renters are looking for?

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 Do you know what Amenities Renters are looking for?

Potential renters are very particular about the kind of amenities they need in a property. In a survey of 6800 property managers, 76% admitted that they need to upgrade their properties to attract target group of tenants. They also say that renters are ready to pay higher price if they get the amenities they want in their homes. In such a scenario, it is prudent for a landlord to include the amenities that potential tenants are looking for.

 Good location is in high demand

While a good location is not something that you can add as an amenity to an already purchased property, you would do well to buy your next investment property in a great location even if it is priced high. Families love to live in a property that is close to their workplace and to other important places of dining and shopping.

More living space and floor plan

One thing that excites all renters is the higher square footage of a property. This is because it gives them more living space. If this is not the case, the floor plan should be such that rooms open into other rooms. Another feature that is helping in attracting large number of tenants to a property is common swimming pool, fitness center, and tennis courts. If you have added these features in your property, highlight them to draw in large number of tenants who are ready to pay higher rents.

 Upgrade kitchen and the cabinets

Tenants love it when they find they are getting new things to use ad they are not being asked to use the same things that were used by earlier tenants. You need to update appliances and cabinets in kitchens to attract new tenants. You can also offer free availability of oven and fridge to attract more tenants especially in a low season. It could also result in a possibility of getting more rent out of your home.

Landscape Vision

If you own a relatively big home, you’ll obviously demand more rent from your tenants. However, in this case, you also need to convince your tenants as to why they should pay you more rent in addition to having more living inside the house. You’ll certainly have to make your home unique from that of others and nothing is better than a fascinating and cooling landscape vision that the tenants will experience when they’ll visit your home for inspection purpose. Your landscape should be proper, and you can hire a professional to make it better if you yourself don’t know. An eye-catching landscape certainly boost your chances of justifying your rental amount and high standard living style. It will be hard to refuse a home with such a nice and cool landscape vision in front of you.

Outdoor amenities

Outdoor amenities have become very important for renters these days. Renters love to have such features like patio areas, sundecks, and rooftop decks where they can spend some time with family and friends. There are also many tenants who love to throw barbecue parties to their friends and they love it when they get this outdoor place in their property.

Parking facility

Most tenants have their own cars these days and the is one of the first things they’ll notice at the time of home inspection. They love properties where they can park their cars in a covered area as it provides protection from not just snow and rain but also form theft. Add parking facility in your property and see a jump in the number of people trying to get a home in your property.

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