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Every business and market in the world is going digital; real estate is no different as well. Just like all other businesses, real estate can also go digital with marketing, property listings, and signing leases. However, there are still some things that can't be digitized, like property showing and open houses. The open house is the time when the real magic happens; it's the time when the potential buyer falls in love with the house. An open house is an ideal step for the landlord to seal the deal with potential buyers.

A perfect listing can answer all questions of the potential buyers; however, buyers don't sign leases until they have seen the house. Even though the world is changing but the importance of an open house hasn't changed. Here are the most popular reasons for holding an open house.

  • An open house gives your insight into how the buyers perceive your property.
  • It gives you an opportunity to meet your potential buyers face to face
  • Creates a hype about your property

Open houses are extremely important. However, many of the novice landlords aren't sure of how to host a proper and successful open house.

Make The House Presentable:

Clutter can kill the beauty of any house, no matter how beautifully decorated it is. Personal clutter can turn off and really come and eye-sore for potential buyers. Hence the first step to holding a successful open house is to clean the clutter and mess in your house.

Think about it; any buyer that walks into your house will want to imagine them in the house. However, with all the clutter and mess of the house, they wouldn't be able to see the true potential of the house. They will have a hard time imagining them in the house that is so cluttered and dirty. Clean the clutter that is in your living room, kitchen, as well as yard and bathrooms. These are the main rooms that every buyer wants to see in their potential house. Don't remove any furniture, keep the beauty of the house intact, and just remove anything that might be staining the look of the house.

External Cleaning:

We all know that the interior of the house is what attracts the buyer the most; however, the exterior of the house is what they see first. Hence you should make sure that the front yard is clutter-free, the pain is refreshed, and the property looks well-maintained from the outside as well as from the inside. A house that gleams in the sunlight and looks well cared for is hard to resist by the buyers. If you are looking to have a successful open house, make sure your exterior is as impressive as your interior. Even you have a small time window, tackle the basics, and make the house look presentable from the outside.

If you haven't got time for a fresh coat of paint, just make sure all the doors and windows are washed and cleaned before the open house. Trim the lawn and also clear off any dead plants and trees. This will make your lawn look manicured. Just a mixture of sop and watch and a tough brush will be able to make your windows, doors, and screens spotless clean.

Front Door or Deck Area:

The front of the house should be extremely presentable. You need to make sure the deck, as well as the front door, is in pristine condition. Make the front door appealing by adding a welcome home mat, some handing decor as well as a couple of deck chairs. These are the emotional triggers that will make the potential buyers fall in love with your house even before entering the house. Polish the handles or they can't be polished, change them altogether to add that gleaming and maintained effect to the doors.

Wash and Polish:

Observe the house as an outsider, look for anything that might look off or dirty, even the walls. Yes! Walls, too, because let's admit it, they also need a wipe down from time to time. The clean up before the open house should be as thorough as the clean up before spring.


The key to a holding an effortless open house is not only to make your house look extra clean but also to make it smell extremely nice. A house has its own personal smell, make sure the smell of your house is nothing but pleasant. There are multiple ways of doing that you can bring in scented candles and place them in all corners and burn them before the open house starts, or you can get in fresh bakery times to make your smell like a cake baking in the oven.

Pleasant smells like the smell of baked goods can make any house feel like home. That comforting smell can sell your house, help you rent out fast, and make your property popular with the tenants. This may just be an illusion, but it's one illusion that works pretty well for everyone.

Bathroom and kitchen:

The bathroom and kitchen of the house are the two most visited, as well as the two most practical rooms in the house. These are the rooms that are responsible for selling the house, and many people are unaware of this simple fact. So, before holding an open house, you need to go through all the bathrooms and kitchen in the house and clean it from top to bottom. Repair any broken pipes. Remove all clutter as well as change the handles and knobs in the kitchen to make it look more a well-cared part of the house.

Bottom Line:

Holding an open house isn't easy, and certainly not without efforts. However, if you are armed with the right tips and tricks, you will be able to pull the most successful open house and also sell the property in no time. Keep your eyes on the prize, following these foolproof tips and tricks you will be able to lure in more potential buyers and get more offers to decide from. Bonus tip; keep a smile in your face and be extra polite to the guests as this can put a lasting impression on them.

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