Home Maintenance Exercises that You Can Take up as DIY Projects

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Home Maintenance Exercises that You Can Take up as DIY Projects

You need to make efforts to keep your rental property in Ormond Beach area in a nice and proper condition all the time. Of course, there are certain repairs and upgrades that are beyond your skills and experience.  There are some simple, regular maintenance exercises that you can take up as DIY projects as a landlord. This way you can reduce expenses and increase your profits from your rental property.

If you don’t have any issues with some hard work at home, here are some DIY projects for you to increase your home value:

Leaking faucets

The problem of leaky faucets is the most common of tenant complaints. If you ask a plumber to attend these problems, you could end up paying a lot of your money. You can overcome the problem of leaky faucets on your own. Faucets start to leak when their rubber washers become old and worn. All you must do is to open the assembly and replace the old washer with a new one. Just remember to turn off the water supply when you are replacing the washer.

Preventing choked drains

This is something that will save you a large amount of money in the name of cleaning choked drains during rainy season. Just pour half a cup of baking soda into drains under the shower, sinks, and tubs. Let it create a foam after settling down and then pour hot water through buckets do that all residue is not only dissolved but also gets removed from the drains.

 Window treatment to prevent leakage of hot and cold air

Leakage of air from windows reduces the efficiency of your air conditioning unit during summer months. It also forces your HVAC to spend more energy on keeping the rooms warm during winter season. This is because of the caulking around the windows cracking or getting damaged. Replace caulking using a knife and apply new caulking to make your interiors more energy efficient. You need to take up this exercise once in spring and then before the onset of the winter season.

 Taking care of refrigerator

Clean the shelves, the interiors, and the exteriors along with handle using a soft piece of cloth and warm soapy water. Always keep a box of baking soda in the lower shelf of the refrigerator to get rid of bad odors. Make sure to open the box before placing it inside the refrigerator. During winter season, you can reduce energy bill created by the refrigerator low by keeping the fridge full. Objects that become cold keep other items cold and thus help in lowering of energy spending.

Paint Your Home

It might be the easiest as well as an effective way to beautify your home. You can start with only one gallon of paint and it won’t cost you more than $30. It can be your best DIY project if you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to add to your home value. Sometimes, it gets very tricky to pick the right paint color for your home. You can experiment with different color, but you can also consult your friends and family and pick the best option that really suits your home. It would be advisable to you that you should pick gender-neutral colors. Moreover, you can always experiment with the kids’ room by painting the walls with different color combinations.

Work on Home Landscape

It’s very important to grow plants and trees to enhance your home value. It’s the first thing tenants and home buyers will analyze when they’ll visit your home for inspection. A lovely garden can help you get relatively more rent and home value.

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