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Like everything else in the world, the Real Estate market has also embraced technology. However, there is still one step in the property related process that hasn’t changed. Yes, it’s the open house that is still the same even after all the digitization. It’s that magical time when the potential tenants step in the house and fall in love with it. It’s at that moment that the tenant decides that this is the house they is going to buy.

You bad description or the unprofessional listing will not matter if you pull off a successful open house. You can strike a deal very easily by presenting the house in the most professional way.

There is a dispute on the importance of the open house, but the real estate experts still think that it’s a sane step to take. You might think why? Here’s why:

  • You can get the honest reaction potential clients regarding your property
  • It’s the best way to know your potential clients and have a word with them as well
  • It also creates hype about your property

These are the factors that make the open house so important and why you should put all your efforts into making your open house a successful one. Here are a few tips for pulling off the perfect open house that will make your clients fall in love with your home.

Remove All Clutter:

What is the biggest turnoff for any potential buyer? The most popular answer to this question is Clutter or Mess. Personal clutter and mess of the people living in the house is a huge turnoff. Every buyer that walks in your door at the open house wants to imagine themselves in the house. That imagination can be ruined when all he can see is personal clutter.

So, your first step is to tidy up the place, de-clutter and make the place presentable. Not just the surface area, make sure the bathroom, kitchen counters, as well as the front yard, is mess-free. These are a few places that gather the most clutter and look extremely unsightly. You will be moving soon, make the most of this de-cluttering phase and get rid of everything that isn’t important to you anymore.


What’s the first thing that people see when they come to the open house? The exterior of the house, that’s the first they see. So, you need to take care of the outside more than you would for the inside of the house. Start with the windows, get them washed and make them gleaming. If you are on a budget and time limit, cleaning is your best bet. Apart from washing all the windows, wash the doors as well as the screens too. If you can, get a new coat of paint as well. A good scrub with soap and water will clean the worst off your house and make it shine under the sun.

Front Door:

Your front door is like the dark horse of the race. Make it as welcoming as you can show the buyers what they can do to this door once they buy the house. Yes, this is termed as emotional triggering, but that’s a good thing, so use it as much as you can to score a potential buyer. Paint it in a bright and trendy color, buy and install a cool knocker and polish the handle to make the door look appealing. You can also buy a new welcome mat and add some plants to brighten up the place.

Polish and Wash:

The sweeping you do when you are expecting guest is different from the deep cleaning you need to do for an open house. An open house needs full-scale cleaning. To start, polish all the silver wear you have displayed, polish the fixtures if you can’t change them and wash the wash or give them a good wipe if the paint is out of the question.

Use Essential Oils And Candle:

The most off-putting thing at an open house, apart from the mess, is bad odor. Every house has one, but most people don’t know it because they are so used to it that they don’t realize it’s there. So, light up essential oils in burners or use scented candles to give the place a pleasant fragrance. If you want to be subtle about it, bake a cake or bring in bakery items to make your house smell divine. The smell of baking is nostalgic to many; this will also trigger them emotionally to fall in love with the house. If you can’t do any of these, invest in air fresheners and give the house a good spray before the clients are due to arrive.


Potential clients and tenants see a repair as a problematic area that they will need to fix once they get the house. This keeps them from investing in the property, so you need to scrutinize your home and make minor as well as major repairs before the open house. Nobody wants to spend extra, so repairs are seen as a big no. If you are time-bound, assure the clients that the repairs will be made before they move in.

Bathroom and Kitchen:

The most functional rooms of any house are the bathroom and kitchen. Most people are obsessive with these rooms, so your first priority is these two areas. Inspect both of these areas with vigilant eyes and fix all that needs to be fixed. Freshen up the kitchen cabinets with paint, and new handles. Clean the counters and add a vase or two to make it look appealing. As for the bathroom, a good scrub, bright light and polished or new shower head and faucets will make a huge difference.


After all these major and minor steps all you need is a good big “Open House” sign in your yard and some refreshments ready for your clients when they walk in. Greet all your potential customers with a pleasant smell and a helping attitude, and you will have a successful open house on your hands.

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