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Holiday season, and along with it winter season has already begun without you having noticed it. Days have become shorter and night temperatures have also dipped considerably. It’s good if you have taken out warm items of clothing to prepare for the chilly winter months.  What about your rental property and your tenants in Palm Coast? Have you taken the necessary steps to prepare your property for the chilly winter months? If not, then it is time to spring into action to make sure that not only your property but also the tenants are well equipped to take the rough weather conditions in their stride.

Here is a checklist containing most important points if you do not know how and where to begin. This will help you in carrying out the winter maintenance schedule for your rental property in Palm Coast.

Strengthen windows

Windows take a severe beating because of foul weather during winters. Take a close look at all windows and fill up any gaps or cracks that you see to make sure cold air does not make their condition worse. You must seal the gaps through weather stripping or a caulk.

 Inspect the gutters

Gutters usually get filled by falling leaves during Fall. You must get the debris removed from the gutters to make sure they do not become clogged to create a big mess during winters.

Check the roof

Hailstorms and rainfall can wreck havoc on the roof during winter season. Carry out an inspection of your roof to see if any shingles are missing or if there are weak spots that could cause leakage. Minor repair of your roof serves as stitch in time and prevents big problems because of severe weather conditions.

 Insulation of pipes

Freezing temperatures can damage the pipes, especially those that are exposed to elements. Insulation of such pipes becomes necessary to prevent them from freezing and creating trouble for the tenants. Also, stop water supply to faucets located outside as it is better not to use them during winter months.

Get the furnace serviced

Furnace assumes great significance during winter months as it becomes essential to keep the homes warm from inside. Before starting the heating system, it is prudent to call in professionals to carry out periodic servicing of your furnace so that it continues to perform at an optimal level during winter.

Find a solution for drafts

It is common for doors to swell during summers and shrink during winters. This can leave air leaks that prove costly when trying to heat the rooms. If you find drafts, it is prudent to use weather stripping or caulk to seal them before the start of the winter season.

Preparing the fireplace

Fireplace which remains unused during summer becomes important with the start of the winter season. You cannot use it straightaway after long period of inaction. Remove all debris and soot to make the flue absolutely lean. Also, check if there are any drafts or cracks as they can lead to an accident.

Inspect handrails

People use handrails for support when climbing stairs and also when coming downstairs. Snow and ice can make them slippery. Make sure handrails are secure so that there is no mishap when using them in winter season.

Looking after unoccupied property

Just because there are no tenants does not absolve you from the responsibility of taking care of your property during winter season. You have to go through the same maintenance schedule to prepare it for the winter season. You can turn off water supply completely. As there is no tenant inside, you have to pay a visit frequently to make sure everything is in order during winter months.

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