Renters Complaints – Who is at Fault?

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Whether there is any truth behind the complaints of the tenants or not, it will leave a bad mark on your reputation as property managers. This will also hurt your business and potential profits. Here are common mistakes that managers make that can become a negative review by their tenants.

Charging late fee, even when the rent is a day late

Late fee is an issue tenants complain about the most, but it’s a good habit, and no manager should let this go. The agreement between the tenant and the landlord should state the day of rent payment clearly, the leverage days as well as late fee conditions. Being okay with late payments will only encourage bad paying habits. Enforcing late fees on late rent isn’t wrong, but the tenant should be well aware of all policies before renting.

Not Returning Calls

Now, this is a legitimate complaint, as communication is the making or breaking point of any renting relation. There are many emergencies that are the sole responsibility of the property manager, and not returning calls is a very irresponsible action on a manager’s part.

Eviction Threats Over Dog Poop

Threats are never a good thing. Any violation of the rules in the agreement should be treated through a warning. The landlord should send a verbal warning with clear statements of consequences. If the breach still occurs, then the verbal warning should be followed by a written one, and after that, an official notice of cure or quit should follow. Only then you can comply with the proper eviction process stated in the leasing agreement.

Security Repairs

The security of the rent is the responsibility of the landlord, and if he or she is complaining about the lapse of security, the complaint is valid. When a tenant reports a repair, the landlord is obliged to follow through. Whether it’s a lock repair or a camera repair issue, it’s the sole responsibility of the landlord. There are also state laws regarding these security measures.

Cleaning charges of the mini blinds deducted from security deposit

This is a widespread and misunderstood complaint from the renters. Most of them aren’t aware of the actual cost of getting window treatment cleaned. As far as the mini blinds are a concern, they are hard to clean and can get damaged very easily. The manager can deduct charges of the cleanup from the security deposit, and he should also go for a pre-move out inspection and help the tenant understand the cost.

Asking tenant to get rid of a threatening pet

If any pet of the tenant is even the least bit threatening to the other renters, it must go. The landlord has all the right to evict such a pet, but he or she can’t evict the tenant. In such a case, the landlord can serve the tenant with a cure or quit notice.

Rental property showing at all hours

If your tenant complains about the fact that the real estate agent comes over at all hours to show the property for a potential sale, his complaint is valid. Showing up, unannounced, isn’t the way to show a rental property. However, this protest can easily be sorted by giving a prior notice of showing. By doing this, you will never disrupt the peace of the renter, and there will be no further complains. There are also laws regarding this practice; make sure your agent is aware of these laws.

If only the tenant and landlord communicate better, they would solve 50% of the problems at the very least.

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