This leasing season, keep your rental property prepared!

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Beginning of spring season is a signal for all the rental property managers to get ready to handle increasing traffic. July and August are the highest volume months and thus are the favorite months of managers. Therefore, as soon as the leasing season approaches, managers need to take a few steps to get ready!

It’s time to involve your renters!

Make use of the warm weather this leasing season and let your advertisements pour into people’s houses along with the air. Include tips related to summer preparation in your newsletter. Make use of proper media to remain connected to your tenants. The way you maintain a connection with your tenants and respond to their complaints will determine your relationship with them and thus ensure a higher retention rate this season.

Also, don’t forget to carry put the following maintenance steps!

  • Check windows and doors for caulk leaks and weather-stripping
  • Test smoke alarm devices
  • replace batteries
  • Carry our air conditioning operations
  • visual inspection of outdoor spickets for rotting gaskets and leaks
  • Check faucets for drips and inspect sink and tub drains

Upgrade your system and provide online lease solutions!

In present competitive market, it is crucial to streamline the rental process. However, it I not enough o provide offline communication. With increasing technological advancements, modern families demand proper online communication and update system. Therefore, rent collection and submission have become very efficient with the use of technology.

Give Your Team the Resources for Success

This is not the right time to cut down your costs. This is the time to allow all your employees to have an access to the technology. Provide proper training to them as they are the biggest asset of your company. Develop a proper understanding of how the rental process works for the tenants from the first day of their consultation till the day they move in and so on. Also, consider keeping extra hours of your rental services to your renters.


Get ready to welcome your tenants!

This season, be prepared to make a perfect first impression in front of your tenants. Take help of social media sites and update applications. Invest properly n your rental property to make up for all the maintenance issues which hindered demands in winter season.

Therefore, it’s time to put the welcome mat and get completely ready for the lease this spring season.

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