Why yelling at a tenant in public is not such a good idea?

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As a landlord, you make every effort to ensure that only good quality tenants are allowed into into your rental property. You deploy a tenant screening process and carry out their background checks to sieve bad tenants. You want to minimize the probability of a bad tenant as you know how troublesome he can be for not just your property but also for your business overall. Despite all your efforts, bad tenants do get entry in your property and you are left to deal with their antics.  You try to control yourself as much as you can but find yourself yelling at them at times. Yelling seems to be a natural response to the wrongful acts of tenants, but it has its own repercussions that will be discussed in this article.

You run the risk of causing damage to your business 

You must realize that you are carrying a business. No matter how angry you are, and how eager you are to settle the score with your tenants by giving vent to your emotions, it is not advisable to yell at him in front of others. Of course, you feel good by yelling as you want to show who the boss is but it is not a very smart act on your part. You will yell and say cuss words to your tenant who has damaged your property or not paid his rent and leave the rental property after some time. But what happens after this event?

Your win is restricted to gaining mental satisfaction

There are two possibilities after you have created a scene by yelling at your tenant. Once you leave, your tenant may realize his mistake and pay his dues. This is the best possible scenario as it also means other tenants learn from the incident and do not follow in the footsteps of the erring tenant. However, there is also a strong possibility of your tenant deciding to take revenge upon you. He is still smarting under the defeat and is in no mood to forgive you for his insult in front of other tenants.

What if this tenant decides to damage your apartment and leave in the middle of the night without informing you? You not only have a major rehab demanding time, money, and effort at hand but also the financial loss in terms of a vacancy. This is a double blow to your business that will be hard to compensate. Are you prepared to take all these losses just for the sake of mental satisfaction that you get by yelling?

Learn from the mistakes of other landlords 

If you are a new landlord, it is hard to control your emotions when one of your tenants flout the terms of lease agreement blatantly. But you need to learn from the mistakes of experienced landlords who have suffered huge losses just because they indulged in yelling to settle the score with their erring tenants. It is not just holes in your expensive carpets or damage to the walls of your apartment, the damage goes beyond much of what you can see with your eyes. In fact, most landlords learn from one such incident and know that they must deal with bad tenants in other ways rather than yelling.

Yelling will only give you mental satisfaction, but it can lead to potential losses that are not just financial. However, just because you cannot yell at your tenant does not mean you cannot do anything to avenge his wrongdoing. Control your emotions and deal with your tenant in a civilized and professional manner. Do not give any excuse to your tenant to try and take revenge. It is better to leave the area if you feel you are losing your cool.

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