6 Tips to Attract High-Income Tenants during Property Showings

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Are you looking to attract quality tenants with income and financial stability, to ensure a long-term and smooth rental period? All landlords hope to attract competent and credible tenants, but tenants who enjoy income security have lofty standards and high expectations. They can afford to rent properties that align with their life quality, and offer them a sense of security, comfort and convenience.

How can make sure your rental property captures the heart of a high-income tenant, making them feel right at home? We advise landlords to use scents, aesthetically pleasing elements and comforting elements to influence the sensory receptors of the tenants. Perceptions play a powerful role in the decision-making process, and they go well beyond the appearance of a property.

That’s right, you can play upon their senses of smell and sight to create the perfect ambience. Freshly baked cookies, aromatic coffee and silk bedding have a powerful impact on someone looking for a comfortable place to call home. Keep reading to explore tips that will help you create a fabulous first impression, swaying high-income tenants to rent your property without delay.

A Decluttered & Clean Environment

No one likes walking through junk, clutter and filth. Dust, debris and junk will discourage potential tenants from exploring the confines of your property, and they will back off immediately. In contrast, a house that smells of fragrant detergents beckons people to walk across its gleaming surfaces and explore every room with great attention to detail.

Be sure to eliminate all the clutter and junk, and give the house a thorough, deep clean. It’s crucial to power wash all the exterior wash and drive way, and clean out the windows to eliminate all traces of dust. Potential tenants will also inspect the cabinets, drawers and closets, so make sure everything is spick and span.

Bake Some Cookies

Nothing is more scintillating and aromatic than the smell of freshly baked cookies and vanilla essence permeating throughout the house. It will create a home-like ambience, encouraging potential tenants to conjure up images of their dream house as they explore your property.

You can also serve the cookies with freshly brewed coffee as a gesture of goodwill, allowing the viewers to feel comfortable and welcomed. If you’re not comfortable with baking, consider bringing an instant mix of cookies and brownies, and pop it in the oven.

Light up Scented Candles

Lighting up scented candles in various rooms and spaces across the property is a terrific trick to impress potential tenants with your attention to details. This trick will help you create an aesthetically pleasing and satisfying ambience, encouraging potential tenants to linger around and enjoy the environment.

Scented candles have a relaxing and comforting effect that allows us to feel comfortable and at peace. We advise you to dim down the bright lights, and use scented candles to create an elaborate effect, especially when attracting young couples and families. You can use a variety of green, citric and floral scents to play up each room.

Essential Oil Diffusers

Here’s a much more impressive and powerful alternative to scented candles: essential oil diffuser. Much has been written and said about the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy, and we urge you to use this trick to your advantage.

The idea is to create an ambient and sensory pleasing environment by turning on the diffuser at least half an hour before the showing. This will allow the scents to penetrate and submerge into the environment, creating a blended and natural aroma.

It’s wise to be careful with the scents you use, and avoid using overly strong and harsh smells that tickle the nostrils. Stick with scents like rose, lavender, bergamot and jasmine. We advise you to choose vanilla – the perfect scent to attract high-income tenants who are overly focused on luxury and life quality.

Vanilla strikes the perfect balance between sweet notes and earthly amber's, and it inspires feelings of warmth and comfort. It also has a calming effect that encourages the senses to relax by calming anxiety and stress. Be sure to place the diffuser in a spot that allows the scent to diffuse into the environment and permeate to all the rooms.

If the property is expansive and large with multiple floors, consider setting up a diffuser on every floor.

Luxurious Bedding & Curtains

You don’t want to invite tenants into a home riddled with dust-riddled curtains, moldy rugs and crumpled bedding's. Such an environment will hamper your efforts to create a clean, ambient and aesthetically pleasing environment.

It’s crucial to impress high-profile tenants with an element of opulence and luxury so they can imagine themselves living in your property. We advise you to invest in silk bedding, and make sure that bed is freshly made with no wrinkles and crumpling in sight. Be sure to place scented herbs and flowers beside the bed to create an artful presentation.

Plants & Greenery

Indoor plants, greenery and floral presentations greet the eyes with fresh colors that inspire relaxation and create a fabulous first impression. We urge you to bring in some indoor plants, and invest in lovely bouquets to decorate the entry way, master bedroom and other areas you’d like to highlight. Plants purify the air, and flowers exude a floral fragrance, making the environment delightfully ambient.

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