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Being an real estate investor, you are always on the lookout for new properties, but for. That you have to turn every stone in the market; if you lag, the good ones will be snatched from under your nose in a heartbeat. You can't be the only investor in town. Hence there is always tough competition; this is why you should have all channels of scoring investment properties open and active. This can be a bit tricky if you have just started. However, it's not hard to know where to look. Here are five channels that you should always keep open and active if you want to buy a suitable property before the competition does.

Online databases:

The internet is a Pandora of treasures; you can find anything or anyone online. This also includes investment and rental properties. Online database for properties comprises of apps and webs that are made for this purpose. You can find thousands of new and old listings and take your pick. These listings come with proper descriptions as well as photos of the properties. Almost all of such websites are free to use, and you can all contact details of the narrowed down properties on the listings.

The online database and free sites are extremely easy to use; you can add and remove filters to get precisely what you need. Big house, small house, in the budget house, single room, as well as a mansion, you can add any filter and get what you need in under a minute. For example, is one of the free online databases that are ideal for any property investor who is looking for particular filters; you can even make sales comparisons as well as get property records. Another such helpful website is, where you can filter your properties based on type, price, and foreclosure status. This can help you narrow down properties without much effort. Apart from that, is also great for analyzing neighborhoods and the crime rate in certain areas. Moreover, you can also get the latest market trends and real estate advice to help make your buying decision easier to aid in your decision-making.


One of the strongest suits of any real estate investor should be networking. If you are a people person, you will find networking very easy, making contacts, meeting new people, and keeping your eyes open and your ears sharp will pay off well. Scoring listings are great, but communicating with people one-on-one will get you the inside scoop on investment properties. Apart from that, meeting people and generating leads will help you get to the best properties before the competition does.

The best way to make contacts is to join a club, attend seminars and conferences, and communicate with people who share and advertise properties. All this doesn't come free, but the pay-off is worth the fee. Amid the pandemic, such conferences and seminars are put on hold, but that doesn't mean they aren't happening; you can enroll in such seminars online and have group conferences.

People always surround an investor; in due course, you will meet many people who will become a part of your network. Other investors, landlords may join your network too, the key is to keep such people close to better leads. Keep a separate contract list of such people. This will help you organize your network.


Investment properties are never scarce in the market; however, you might not always get to know about them in time. If you have a reliable networking channel, keep an out for property auctions, as they are a great way to learn about distressed properties. These auctions are the best way to find the best property deals. There are two types of auctions,

Physical Auction: these take place in the town hall, the courthouse, or even in the sheriff's office; at these auctions, the actual bidding wars happen.

Private Auctions: these types of auctions happen in private companies, which occur in hotels and conferences.

Apart from that, there are also online auctions that one can take part in. online auctions stay open for few weeks, and this gives new and old types of investors a fair chance to bid. If you take part in online auctions and win, you will have to immediately pay a few, secure your property and move to the next steps of claiming it. However, buying an auction property is a considerable risk, as there is no way to know what condition the property is in as you cannot go inside to inspect it. There is a huge probability that you will have to invest in repair and maintenance to make your auction property livable. However, investing money doesn't go in vain as it increases the property's value and makes the structure stronger.


You already know the power of social media and online channels, but you can't deny that in this age and technology, the print media, i.e., the newspaper and magazines, also have power. If you are looking for local properties, the newspaper can be of huge help.

Often, the properties you find in the newspaper aren't listed online, which gives you an advantage over your competition. The local newspaper, as well as the community newspaper, can both be a good source of finding investment properties.


One part of networking is also to have realtors in your database; if you are on good terms with local realtors, they tend to give you a heads-up on semi-off-market properties. They are the professionals who get to know about investment properties before anyone else. Before starting your search, talking to a realtor will help you narrow down your options.

All in all, there are many ways to finding your investment property, but the above-mentioned five are the most beneficial.

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