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What is the one way of making your rental feel like home? The topmost answer is decor! If anything can make a stranger's house feel like home, it is how you decorate it; what personal touches you add to it to give it your personality. Many renters may waive off the notion of decorating a rental because it may feel like too much of a hassle, and they also fear damage to the property as well as to their furniture. However, you can make your rental feel like home and add your personality to it by moderately styling it and opting for damage-free decor.

Have it this way; if you have a month-to-month lease, you will have plenty of chances to explore your inner artist. And if you have a long-term lease, this personality-decor will make you feel at home in a rental. So, how do you make the rented property feel like home, cozy and familiar? Well, the quickest way to ace a cozy decor is by decorating it in Grand millennial style. Grand millennial is the exact opposite of sterile, too-modern aesthetic decorating style. Grand millennial is the mix of old and new; it's a seamless blend of all things that make you melt yet keeping the technology in mind. With Grand millennial, you get all comforts of modern-day tech blended with tradition and warmth.

If you are still unsure, here are some cool inspirations that will help you redecorate your rental into your home.

All Natural and Floral Walls

We all know how landlords get when they are told that renters want to paint or put-up wallpaper. It is their ultimate nightmare. However, there is no need to panic. Like all other things that have evolved, wallpaper technology is no different. Long gone is the time when putting up a wallpaper was a hard day's work. Nowadays, you can get removable and peel-off wallpapers that are not only easy to remove but are also a piece of cake to install. Take your inspiration from floral, subtle, and chintz wallpaper designs.

To give your traditional grandma wallpaper a modern touch, go for dark hues as a base. Adding wallpaper isn't only refreshing, but it also gives your rental a new look, upgrades it, and makes it feel like home rather than a rental property.

A Mix of Wicker and Cane

Wicker and cane are not most people's first choice when to come to upscale, high-end furniture.

Wicker and cane are not most people's first choice when to come to upscale, high-end furniture. However, the Earthy hues of cane and wicker furniture add the perfect minimalist touch. You don't have to decorate the whole house with wicker chairs; you can easily achieve the grand millennial style by decorating part of your house with such furniture. This type of furniture's homemade look can a warmth to any corner of the house, making you welcomed. You can add floral covers, solid or patterned cushions to perk up your wicker furniture. Add a wicker basket at either side of the sofa or chair, fill it up with hardback books to create that background story. Wicker and cane furniture have been trendy; you can easily get such pieces at garage sales or second-hand shops. Redecorating in grand millennials does not mean spending a lot of money, adding style and personality to your house on a very limited budget.


Has the nostalgia crept up yet? If not, here is the perfect thing, needlepoint! How many of you remember this from the good old days? Well, there is no need to miss embroidery and needlepoint because you can incorporate this nostalgic art in your grand millennial decor. Yes, needlepoint is the perfect accessory to add to your walls, your cushions even your coffee table. Frames, hoops, pillows are all great ways to incorporate the cozy art in your home. These art pieces are heartfelt, and for some, there are even family heirlooms. Why let them gather dust in boxes and attics, get them out, dust them off and start hanging them pronto.

These embroidery pieces and needlepoint art will add the charm and character you need. If you love to entertain and call over friends and family, these can be the best conversation starters ever. Here's another point to consider, these hoops and frames never get old; they are evergreen. The art that you add to your walls is a great way to hide cracks, unsightly patches as well as add color to the whole area. If you have not any such frames or hoops lying around, you can get these at garage sales and flea markets; you can also get customized ones made as well. Choose your patterns carefully, such as succulents, celebrity quotes, etc.

Usable Decor

Not all rental properties come with a lot of space, and you can rope off an area by adding unusable designs in the name of decor. For example, you find a very cool vintage sewing matching, but you have not any surface to keep it. If you add that to your credenza or coffee table in the name of art, you robbed yourself of a potential surface that could have had a better use. Similarly, in small apartments, avoid going for bigger and bolder decor pieces like huge wall masks or mandalas and overwhelming and gigantic vases. These will not add value but take away all the charm your apartment may otherwise have. Add relaxed and subtle decor pieces to bring out the true potential of your property.

Go Old School

Are you waiting for your grandparents or parents to pass the family vintage treasures? Well, why? When you can hit second-hand stores, antique stores, estate sales and auctions, and online marketplaces or garage sales. They have all the treasure you need just lying around at a very reasonable price. Not only is this a smart approach, but it is also an Eco-friendly one.

To cap it all, you can all in with Grand millennial style without upsetting your landlord or spending a lot of money. The Grand millennial decor needs a good eye and art than money.

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