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Maintaining your rental property all year round is different than maintaining it seasonally. With every approaching season, you should inspect your property long and hard to make some essential changes. Seasonal maintenance can be a very prudent and proactive step towards limiting seasonal damage. Preventive measures are so much better than the cost of renovation and repair.

As the summer approaches, you should make sure that the property is well-maintained and can bear the tough summer weather. These steps can sure save you a couple of hundred dollars down the road. Here is a list of summer maintenance tasks that you should take care of before the summer starts.

Summer Maintenance:

As per the corona pandemic, there are many things that are now banned or have limited access. The first thing you need to do is make sure your tenants now which area are off-bounds and which area is restricted access only. Check out the list below to know more about the summer maintenance tasks.

Pool Safety:

Although, due to the current pandemic situation, a lot of common areas like gym and pool are off-limits from the last month, the restriction is slacking, and people are using common areas again with all precautionary measures.

So, the first thing you need to do is to get your pool cleaned, and pool water changed. You also need to check whether the dive board and slides are all in pristine conditions. If your unit has a lifeguard, you need to make sure he or she is up to the mark. If not, make sure there are ample safety signs around the pool to prevent any mishaps or accidents.

You will also need to add a notice board to state all precautionary measures regarding the COVID-19 situation. You also need to check all the gates and locks as well to keep the tenants away from the pool area.

Outdoor Amenities:

Summer is one time when the whole community comes together and plans various activities. Between burger flips and bonfire nights, they tend to forget their looming stress and bad days. However, to enjoy the balmy summer nights, as the landlord, you will need to make sure that the outdoor area is well-maintained and the BBQ grill is in perfect condition to be used. You will also need to make sure that you have enough fuel in back up that your tenants can enjoy a whole night of fun without running out of fuel.

The easiest way to undergo summer maintenance tasks is to make a proper checklist. This one-time effort will last you for years. In a couple of years, you will remember the list by heart, and all the tasks will be done without any hassle. Here are a few more tasks to add to your list.


We all know that water consumption increases in the summer season, and with the COVID-19 pandemic, people are home more often than not. This will also increase their water intake. You will need to make sure that all the pipes are working fine, there is no blockage, and all gutters are clean. You will also need to alert your tenants to tell you about any minor leaks because when taken care of early, these problems die in the bud and don’t get accelerated. You will also need to service your irrigation system to avoid excess water usage, prevent landscape damage, as well as reduce standing water.


Like water, fire is also a huge factor that comes alive in summers. Ensure that all things that may ignite a fire are removed from the property, such as accumulated dry leaves, dry and dead plants, and bushes. Trim all trees around the property to eliminate the chances of fire. All grills should be adequately ventilated, and the tenants should also know to keep the fuel tanks away from all this in the shed.

Air Conditioners:

Summers aren’t bearable without air-conditioning. So, make sure you get your AC units serviced before summer approaches. Also, hire a handyman to stay on the property so that if an emergency occurs, he will be there to take care of it in time.

Outdoor Accessories:

Big complexes with multiple units have a lot of common areas for their tenants to walk or relax. If you have such an area, make sure it’s well-kept. The tables and chairs, as well as the benches, are in good condition and are fit to be used by the tenants. With these well-maintained features, your property will look like a million-dollar and attract many potential tenants.

Summer Rule Reminder:

Every season comes with its personalized set of rules; give all your tenants a gentle reminder of the summer rules. Summer nights are pretty inviting and luring; this will make some tenants roam around the property after hours or use the poolside area at night. Make sure all your tenants know what the complex’s quiet hours are. And when are pool, grills, as well as other community amenities areas off-limits?

Area Restrictions:

As a landlord, you should be aware of the rules and regulations of your state and neighborhood. Make sure that you are doing everything by the books, and your rental property is offering a safe environment for your tenants.

Another rule is only to repair and renovate areas that the tenants are allowed to use. For example, if your areas don’t allow pool and gym usage due to the COVID-19 situation, there is no need to spend extra money to clean and repair these areas.


The summer maintenance list is a huge one that you will need to go through and take care of before the summer approaches. If your tenants are summer in various seasons, they will, most definitely, renew their leases.

Keep your summer checklist handy and tick off every task that you accomplish. This will help you keep track of everything you have done and will need to do in the future.

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