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It is the desire of every landlord to have good quality tenants in his properties. Now there are tenants from not only different backgrounds but also different age groups. It is difficult as a landlord to say with certainty that a tenant will turn out to be a perfect one for you. Here we will try to put together a list of virtues that will make it easier for you to find nearly perfect tenants for your property in Daytona Beach.

Employment history and income level

One thing that you can make out from the employment history and the income levels of the applicant is stability in life. The monthly rent should be less than 30% of the total monthly income of the applicant. If this percentage is higher, you can expect the tenant to make delays in his monthly rent payments with lame excuses. Also, find out if the industry in which the applicant works is not prone to layoffs.

What about applicant credit?

The credit report of the applicant is important in the sense that it shows whether he is trustworthy or not. A high credit score tells you that you can expect timely payments from applicant. It also tells you about their reliability and honesty. You can count on the words of the applicant if he has a high credit score.

Does applicant  have a criminal record?

There is no doubt that many people with a criminal record do amend ways and live a normal life once again. But it is better for you as a landlord to stay away from applicants having a criminal record. This is because there is great likelihood of such tenants to violate rule of lease agreement and prove to be a trouble for you.

Is applicant honest?

Of course, it is too much to predict about the honesty of an applicant after a meeting. But if you do a cross check on important points mentioned on the application, you can make a judgment about the honesty of the person. If the applicant is dishonest, applicant  would try to hide some details about their-self, past landlords, and even their employment record in his application. It is easy to verify the details given in the application to find if the applicant is honest or not. Honesty is a virtue that is very i9mportnat when giving your property to a tenant to live in.

Attitude towards cleanliness

Does cleanliness have any relation with a good and honest tenant? Look at the clothes and accessories of the applicant? Also check if his automobile is maintained or not? These things say a lot about the personality of the applicant. If you find the applicant neat and clean you can be reasonably sure that he will also take good care of your property.  Such tenants also leave your property in a good condition.

These are some of the traits you should pay attention to when screening your applicants. However, even if the applicant seems to be OK in respect to these traits, it is better to stay away from a high maintenance tenant. Such a tenant wants perfection in every detail and he may prove to be fussy when it comes to maintenance of his unit. You could find yourself frustrated dealing with such a tenant and also spending a lot of time and money fulfilling his demands.

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