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Most renters are always busy finding the best homes at cheap prices for their living. They are more concerned with what they can get while ignoring what are the skills they need to develop to become good tenants. Here is a list of top 5 things that renters need to know so as to become perfect renters wherever they go.

Learn skills of applying for tenancy

Landlords are looking for good quality tenants just as renters look for good rental properties for a living. They look at the applications and shortlist those they find convincing. Your resume should contain references from past landlords as well as your employer. It should also contain past rental history to allow prospective landlord to judge your behavior and attitude. Renters who know how to write a beautiful application that stands out from the rest can secure their dream rentals. Have a resume inside your pocket and produce it to the landlord when he asks for it. It tells the landlord that you are serious and a good candidate for tenancy in his property.

You should be able to carry out basic maintenance

Renters are mostly free from all worries of maintenance of the home. While you are not responsible for the maintenance of the property as a renter, your skills of maintenance are highly appreciated by the landlord when comes to know about them.

 You can:

  • Unclog a drainpipe or the toilet
  • Clean and replace the air filter of the air conditioner
  • Inform the landlord when the next scheduled maintenance of the unit is due
  • Report any problem or repair that is needed on time to the landlord

Your quick and prompt action can help your landlord save a lot of money on repairs later.

Buy renters insurance

It is a fact that a vast majority of tenants across the country are still without renter’s insurance. It can be a source of worry for their landlords as their insurance policies only cover loss or damage to the structure and not their personal belongings. Monthly premiums of renter’s insurance policies are quite cheap, and they provide a lot of mental peace not just to the renter but also their landlord. If there is a theft or a fire in your unit, it is your renter insurance that will provide for compensation for the loss or damage to your personal belongings. Landlords appreciate it when their tenants have purchased a renter’s insurance policy. You can protect your expensive gadgets and appliances by paying a small monthly premium to your insurance company.

A high credit score If your credit score is low or if you have no credit history, it proves very difficult to secure a rented place for a living. Some individuals find a roommate with a good credit score to get a rented place. Landlords are looking for trustworthy tenants who can take care of their property while paying their rent on time. With a low credit score, you may be asked to pay a higher rent and also a higher security deposit. Therefore, it is very important for you to try and improve your credit score.

Good negotiation skills

Good negotiation skills are important not just for buyers but also for renters. As a renter, you need to leave behind good impression on your prospective landlord right from the first time you call him to the time when you formally apply for tenancy in rental property. If you have good references and credit and employment record, you can negotiate for more flexible terms of lease agreement. For this, you need to have good negotiation skills.

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