7 Easy Ways to Childproof Your Rental Property

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If you are looking for long-term tenants, there is no perfect target audience then a family with kids. Most families with kids prefer to stay in one place for years as they do not like moving kids from one place to another every year. It is hard on the parents as well as on the kids to pack and unpack every year. To change a familiar place every year is very hard on the kids; it adversely affects the kids, and most of them develop behavioral issues. Leaving your home, neighborhood, as well, as friends behind are never easy; the kids feel as if they do not belong to any home. This is the reason why almost all families with kids make sure when they rent; they rent for the long term.

We know that big families with kids and pets are ideal long-term tenants, but is your home their perfect home? Families with kids are always looking for places that are safe, childproof as well as secure. If your home is one of those places, they will love it. But how do you make your rental childproof? Here is a detailed account of how to make your rental childproof and attract better tenants.

Childproofing the Staircases:

Kids love the stairs, and parents find them nothing short of a nightmare, especially when they have a toddler. So, let us start with how to childproof the stairs. There is no way you can stop kids from climbing up and down the stairs, but what you can do is make the stairs as safe as possible. Ensure that your staircase's railings are secure and tight; they are not wobbly or slippery; this will prevent unnecessary injury.

You can also think about adding a baby gate, although a baby gate might need drilling, and many tenants are not keen on that, but you can talk to them about it, tell them that you add and remove it, and must bear no expense.

Childproofing the Windows:

Kids are curious by nature, it is hard for them to stay put, and they are attracted towards the windows the most. So, make sure your windows are shut securely; there is no loose pane that might fall off or hurt the kids. Also, ensure that no window is cracked; this might result in an accident as well.

Locks on all windows should be childproof as well; whether you are on the ground or higher, every window should be equipped with a strong lock. Apart from windows, window treatments should also be thoroughly thought. The cords and ropes of blinds and curtains are a strangling hazard, so when you have kids, choose an alternate cordless version. Being proactive is the easiest way to prevent injury.

Childproofing Balconies:

Not every rental property is on the ground floor; hence childproofing the balconies as well as railings is very important. Secure and high railings on the terraces will prevent falling and such incidents. Kids love to stand, swing, and lean on the railings, so always get such treatments done from a trusted source. Check your fences for security as well as sturdiness. Moreover, your fence should not have huge holes in it; this will prevent your kids from getting stuck in the railing.

Electrical Outlets, Switches, And Cables:

There is no stopping a toddler who just learned how to walk or crawl. You will need to be very vigilant when they are on their tiny feet. To keep them from having any electric accident, you will need to go through the house with a fine tooth-comb. Check every room, every wall, and every corner for electrical outlets and install covers on them. Such covers are easily removable and reusable. Also, you can get them very cheap, so they are a good investment.

Apart from securing the outlets, you will also need to keep a keen eye on your kid when he or she is around loose cables, like the ones from TV, microwave, or gaming systems. Tripping these cables can get very serious. Once you are done with your cables, make sure you have tied them up and locked them in a drawer, curious kids have a habit of putting things around their neck.

Childproofing the Cabinets:

In an average household, the drawers and cabinets hold a world of things, and these objects can be hazardous to a small child. These may include tools, buttons, pills, etc.; all these big or small objects are highly dangerous and can cause serious and lasting injuries. However, cabinets are the easiest to childproof; all you must do is buy safety locks. Installing these safety locks will keep the drawers and the cabinets shut, keep the kids from opening them, climbing them as well as exploring them. These measures can be taken by either the tenant or the landlord both. These safety locks are removable; hence there is no need to worry about them leaving stains behind.

Child Proofing Sharp Edges:

Scrutinize the room not as an adult but from a child's mind. What you may not think dangerous can really hurt the child, especially sharp edges. These little humans do not see where they walk or run; a minor collision with any of the sharp edges like a cabinet or a table can crack the skull. All sharp edges will need soft safeguards. These are again affordable as well as removable, so you can remove them easily when your child is older or when the tenants are moving out.

Childproofing the Pool:

The most joyful as well as well as the most dangerous place in the house is the pool. No matter how well behaved a kid is, you can never leave a kid unattended near the pool. The pool should have safety instructions around it; it should also have a fence and a gate locked after hours.

These simple actions will make you look like a responsible landlord who knows how to prepare the rental house for a family with kids. All these efforts will put you in the good books of the tenants.

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