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Amenities in the properties are the best driving forces that help to rent the property really well. It is important to hire the best property management company, which knows how to attract the customers. Most of the time, the in-house amenities does not attract the customers because of the poor location of the apartment, so it is wise to avail the renting service from an experienced or skilled company who would prefer to use the knowledge of local amenities and assists in getting the maximum rental price. Find out how the professional service from property Management Company will attract the customers with the knowledge of local amenities. 

Essential amenities by Property Management Company

 Most of the property owners ignore the term Amenities. They only discuss the tenant amenities when talking about the luxurious apartments or house locating in the large communities. It is not the case in real. Property managers and even landlords need always to think in two ways. They must have to integrate essential amenities even in the smaller apartments or building which will provide comfort to the tenants. 

Here, we are not talking about the large theater room or swimming pool. There are still many necessities, which will surely impress the customers. The landlords must need to invest in amenities because it will assist them in the future and also keeps the renters happy. Remember that if you have happy tenants, then you will get less turnover and get a greater return on the property investment. Following are the best and essential amenities evaluated by the property management company  to attract the customers. Integration of these facilities will not break your bank.

  • Storage units

Storage units are best to keep many personal things or extra stuff. They are popular because of many reasons but with the fast-paced life, individuals have developed a habit of filling these storage units. They are convenient to use and makes shifting easily. Storage units are perfect to be integrated into an apartment. They can be located in the closet space, or any available area in the house. This will surely make things easy to manage for the tenants. It is one of the underutilized space on the property. Most of the people have installed oversized storage units in the lobby, hallway or the garage. 

  • Independent Lockers

With the innovation of technology, people prefer to order online shopping. Most of the delivery staff often feels burdened by delivering every package at home, so installation of the independent package locker on the property make deliveries easy. It will be delivered directly to lockers and residents will pick up packages whenever they feel convenient. The tenants do not have to worry about being home. These independent lockers can be installed on the building or the individual property. 

  • Integrate technology

Almost every person nowadays are tech-savvy. The trend of technology-enabled devices is increasing, and people surely get impressed with the technology-enabled units. Installation of smart locks or the keyless entry will impress the tenants. It is best to install devices, which will control HVAC system, smoke alarms, and other small luxuries that must be set on your property. 

  • Outdoor washing facility

Outdoor washing station proves to be handy. It eliminates the consequences of a mess in the garage or other areas of the house. It is necessary for washing cars, bicycle, bathing area for pets or even washing clothes in a separate area. If you are one of the property owners who is concerned that tenants will make a mess, then outdoor washing stations will keep your property tidy. You can install a variety of facilities in the area according to your concern.

  • Recycling services

Are you the environment conscious person? Then offer your tenant, recycling services on your property. Most of the residents will undoubtedly recycle instead of building large dumpsters for trash. The property management company must advise landlords to add large recycling bin to property or offer to sign up the recycle company which collects recyclables and makes it more utilizing. 

  • Bike racks

The bike riders have been increased at least 60% over the last 10 years. It is tough to get a bicycle in and out especially from the small apartment. Owners can make the life of tenants easier by installing a bike rack. This will eliminate the consequences to stash the bikes through a doorway or upstairs. A well-installed bike rack will surely lure customers. 

Final thoughts 

There are many ways for Property Management Company or landlords to install amenities in the building or apartments. These facilities are perfect for the large property as well as handy for a small apartment. However, they won't cost you much but will add value to the property. Though, these amenities are truly luring and attract the customers.

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