Are For Rent Signs Obsolete now?

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In the past, one could see For Rent signs everywhere as landlords used them in and around their properties to catch the attention of potential tenants. Families looking for a place to live on rent searched for these signs. But owners of properties also found these signs very disturbing because of all the phone calls they received from people who would not qualify to be their tenants. As such, these signs slowly went out of favor among the landlords.

The emergence of internet and mobile devices in the hands of most people meant that landlords could avail digital advertising to reach out to their target group of renters. This spelt doom for all those red and white For Rent signs and most property owners confined these signs to their garages and store rooms. However, these signs have once again come out in the open and being utilized by some landlords to successfully attract potential renters.

Why sings in this age of internet?

The resurfacing of For Rent signs is surprising for many who are tech savvy. But for landlords who have once again started using them, they are proving to be very useful in attracting quality tenants who want to live in their properties for a very long time. These signs are actually very useful for tenants who love the neighborhood because of its various features like safety, access to amenities and excellent schools. Tenants having their family and friends living in the same neighborhood find these For Rent signs very useful as they can find suitable properties while driving around in the neighborhood.

Landlords who have once again started to use these For Rent signs say they help in finding potential tenants who are serious about living in the same neighborhood. The fact that they respond to this method of advertising means that they were actually looking for a place on rent or else they would have not paid attention to these signs. These are the people who usually search for properties by moving around and they actually have knowledge about the neighborhood. It also means there are serious tenants who do not like to search for properties on the net or through other digital methods.

Is the issue of phone calls not relevant anymore?

There is no denying the fact that For Rent signs worked well in the past and helped landlords in attracting long term and good quality tenants. But they also generated lots of stress in the form of phone calls from time wasting people. Clever landlords have circumvented the problem of these phone calls by not giving any contact details on these For Rent signs. They provide the information about number of bedrooms and monthly rent through a flyer that is taped to the glass of the window near the front door. This flyer provides all relevant information to interested tenants so that they need not call the landlord to ask for details. Only the people who find these conditions suitable for their families take pains to contact the landlord while the rest stay away from the property. This method of advertising forces prospective tenants to stop near his property, go through the details in the flyer, and then proceed if they find the property suitable for their requirements. If they still make a phone call, it only means they are dead serious about applying as a tenant.

When the landlord receives a phone call from any such prospective tenant, he knows that he is really interested in living in his property. This method of advertising with the help of For Rent signs works well for many types of properties. It has been perfected over a period after many trials and errors.

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