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Landlords and property owners no longer have to run tiresome errands to collect rent, prepare lengthy cash flow statements, and respond to maintenance requests with in-person visits. Today, landlords can power their rental income with the convenience and efficiency of automation.

The property management industry is welcoming software solution that automate all responsibilities, and streamline real estate management. These software allow landlords to automate all day-to-day management tasks, such as tenant management, accounting, leasing and more. These property management solutions are designed to support all kinds of properties, be it residential, commercial or industrial.

It’s wise to choose a software that aligns well with your needs, and the size of your portfolio. You no longer have to hire managers as these software deliver highly efficient solutions. You can also explore rental payment software that come integrated with accounting and community management functionalities.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best property management software to help landlords automate their responsibilities.

Here, take a look:

AppFolio Property Manager

AppFolio Property Manager is a streamlined solution, known for its user-friendly and efficient interface. It’s a comprehensive solution that encompasses a wide array of features, including property management, marketing, accounting, leasing and more. It can be used for both single-family and multi-family properties.

AppFolio also offers features to streamline all responsibilities for student housing properties, commercial real estate and community associations. This software is immensely popular across property managers entrusted with the responsibilities of mixed portfolio management. It offers a cloud-based interface to ensure data security, instant accessibility and sharing.

For instance, the Owner Portal allows you to obtain financial reports and statements, and share it with third parties. You can also post vacancy advertisements across hundreds of listing portals with a few simple clicks.


Buildium is a dynamic property management software with a user-friendly and interactive, cloud-based interface. It allows landlords to manage all aspects of their rental property business remotely, eliminating the need for in-person visits and rent collection. If you are a remote landlord struggling to manage your property or streamline rent collection, Buildium is just what you need.

It offers superior transparency with its efficient property management features. Buildium will streamline your rent collection by allowing online payments and rent reminders. This solution also supports vacancy management, and streamlines all maintenance cycles to ensure robust property preservation. It creates an online lease cycle, and offers comprehensive tenant screening services to handle your lease applications and find credible tenants.

Condo Control

Much as the name implies, Condo Control is the ultimate solution for condominium owners and landlords. It has a rich interface, brimming with well-integrated features that are incredibly easy to use. The software offers accounting integration to streamline all your financial responsibilities, and generates cash flow statements to maintain superior transparency.

Condo Control issues announcements for rental payments and maintenance needs, maintaining superior accountability for tenants. More importantly, it tracks all tenant violations and offers real-time updates to monitor maintenance and repairs. This web-based solution has gained immense popularity across homeowner’s associations and condo property owners.


Innago offers a user-friendly and smart interface to manage all your rental responsibilities with a few simple clicks. This property management software is designed for independent landlords with small portfolios, who manage all chores and errands themselves. Innago eliminates the need to hire employees as it offers a multitude of features to manage everything yourself.

Armed with Innago, you don’t need to hire any accounting staff, marketing assistance or technical expertise. It will streamline all your accounting, marketing and technical requirements with its advanced functionality. Innago is a software that small and mid-sized landlords will find immensely useful as it does not include any unnecessary feature or upgrade.

Innago is designed to help you save time and money with a streamlined solution. It will help you streamline the rental property management processes to enjoy accessibility, affordability and advanced resources.

Yardi Breeze

Yardi Breeze is designed to streamline the property management operations with features that support accounting, marketing and leasing responsibilities. It’s an all-in-one solution that will help manage your entire property portfolio. Yardi Breeze supports all kinds of property portfolios, including residential, industrial, commercial, condominiums, self-storage units and PHA, amongst others.

Yardi Breeze is designed to help landlords save time and money by streamlining all their responsibilities. It supports automated rent collection, property management, financial reportage and compilation, alongside managing your leasing and marketing needs. The web-based interface is incredibly easy to use, and it disseminates information across tenants, landlords and applicants to allow superior transparency.

Automated and online rent collection and payment tracking is by far its most impressive feature. Yardi Breeze has risen to popularity for its built-in property accounting system, and its ability to generate accurate reports. The interface also allows you to automate all repairs and maintenance requests, engage third-party vendors and track the progress remotely. So basically, you won’t have to make in-person visits to monitor repairs and maintenance as Yardi Breeze supports remote property management with its impressive functionality.


A leading property management solution, TenantCloud is designed specifically to management rental property revenues. It offers landlords a cloud-based solution to increase their revenues and minimize their expenses. It’s a user-friendly and free solution that will streamline all your rental responsibilities in one comprehensive interface.

For instance, TenantCloud will help you create and post immersive rental listings, and screen applicants with a robust tenant screening interface. This software also supports online rent collection, and issues notifications to maintain accountability and prevent late payments. TenantCloud offers robust backend support to streamline your accounting and bookkeeping needs, and process and resolve all maintenance requests.


Finding the right property management software can prove overwhelming, as the market is flooded with variety of features and functionalities. We advise you to explore multiple solutions to find the right interface that aligns with your needs. The right solution is an interface that is easy to use, and streamlines all your needs and preferences.

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