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Community living spaces often deprive us of our privacy, and we struggle to carve out peace and solitude. Being surrounded by nosy neighbors in close-quarter buildings comes with a wide array of issues and conundrums. Many of us struggle for sanity and tranquility amidst all the noise and chatter undermining our life quality.

Home is a haven of peace and relaxation, and nothing could be worse than coming home to a noisy and chaotic abode that denies comfort. It’s hard to relax and be yourself when everyone can peek into your living space and keep tabs on your activities.

Despair not, for carving out privacy isn’t as challenging as it seems. With a little bit of planning, clever interior tricks and budget-friendly investments, you can carve out the privacy you desire.

Planning & Research

Do you want to carve out privacy from your neighbors, flat mates, hall traffic or other intrusions? There are several tricks that can help cover up all vantage points in your property. But you must define the aesthetic appeal you wish to create.

Start by examining all the exterior and interior vantage points, and the view you can see from the balcony, street and other areas. If you live in a multi-family building, you will have to cover up various spots to restrict the view from the balcony, patio and windows.

Consider Interior Upgrades

Homeowners often invest in blackout curtains and blinds to restrict the view from outside. If you want to maximize your privacy, it’s best to take inspiration from luxury hotels that deliver luxuriously secluded accommodations.

Suppose the windows are the problem spot that allow people to peep inside your house. In that case, installing a double layer of window dressing will transform the lighting and privacy. A thicker top layer will eliminate all visibility, and keep the heat-creating UV rays out to reduce your energy costs as well.

Plants & Greenery

Plants & Greenery for the home

What better way to reduce visibility by creating a delightful arrange of vibrant plants and greenery? This trick will work wonders at boosting your curb appeal and market value. Plants can be added to any given property, be it a home or an apartment.

You can obscure the view with smaller arrangement of pots, or invest in trees and bigger plants to create a lush garden. For a studio apartment, you can create a lovely window garden by setting a table in front of the window.

Rearrange your Furniture

If you’re worried about purchasing costly fixtures and installing expensive blinds, consider rearranging your furniture. A bookshelf can help you carve out a Zen corner by drowning out the noise and obstructing the view. Bookshelves serve as partial walls, and even faux walls if yours is large enough to serve as a massive door.

You can always put-together a DIY bookshelf to carve out a faux room by dividing a large room to serve as two living spaces. Room dividers are another fabulous investment that offer immense versatility and fit seamlessly well in any living space. A folding screen is a much more affordable and portable solution to create a privacy zone when needed.

Folding screens are the ideal option for budget-conscious homeowners, and it opens up a wealth of varieties in shapes, sizes, styles and color palettes. We urge you to invest in a folding screen that comes with shelves for some added storage space.

Invest in Window Film

Here’s the best solution to keep all curious and prying eyes away from your window: invest in a reflexive film or window cling. A cling or reflexive film will block out all the visibility and filter out the light to allow ample sunlight into your living spaces.

These are a budget-friendly solution, and you can easily install them yourself. Window films are a popular solution for kitchen windows and bathrooms. If you have tall and large windows and need an inexpensive fix, this is it.

You can explore designs with decorative accents, translucent appeals, or a completely opaque window film that blocks out all visibility and light. A one-way translucent glass film will block the visibility, allowing light to pour in unrestricted.

Many homeowners prefer the one-way mirror effect of reflective film, which is a much more expensive option. Besides, it only delivers daytime privacy, and comes with the expense of professional installation.

Exterior Upgrades for a Secluded Outdoor Space

If you wish to create a delightful outdoor space where you can enjoy privacy and seclusion, there are so many ideas you can explore. However, start by exploring the upgrades and constructions allowed by your community management and landlords. Many community living properties do not allow owners to plan large trees and hedges, while others impose strict maintenance rules.

Here are some tricks to spruce up your exterior and carve out privacy: 

  • Invest in lattice, appealing trellis or wooden slats to create a fence that obstructs the view.
  • Make a lovely garden arbor with a patio on the side, and tall planters and trees dominating the exterior.
  • Invest in planter boxes, hanging pots, and window flower baskets to obstruct view from the windows.
  • Invest in decorative awnings and large umbrellas.
  • Get a freestanding screen to create a barrier.


Privacy is a vital and undeniable need, and lack of privacy can cast a serious strain on our life quality. If you’re someone who really values privacy and solitude, the constant noise, chaos and intrusive eyes can make your life increasingly challenging.

If you find someone taking an unusual interest in peeping inside your living space through the window, or lurking around vantage points in the street, be sure to report it to the authorities. Even if it ends up being a misunderstanding, it’s worth investigating for the peace of mind alone.

Whether you live in a single family home, condo or apartment complex, you can carve out privacy with some planning, cost-efficient investments and clever ideas. Even if you live in a dorm, or share the room with someone, you can create your solitary nooks and rejoice in your privacy.

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