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Real Estate attracts thousands of individuals every year desirous of attractive returns on their investment. However, more than 75% of these individuals fail miserably in their endeavor and take a break within a year. There are many reasons behind this failure. One of the biggest reasons is the common mistakes committed by newbie investors.

  1. Most new real estate investors jump on to the bandwagon without doing any research and without trying to master the basics of real estate investment. It proves to be the cardinal sin as money alone cannot help you to sustain in the field of real estate where there is cutthroat competition among the investors.
  2. Renovations and improvements are an integral part of real estate investments. You need to learn how much money and time will go into these improvements before making an offer for a property. If your estimates are correct, you can achieve your goal of cash flow in quick time. Otherwise, you will have to pay from your own pocket. This is an art that investors master over a period with experience. But if you do some practice under a realtor for some time, you will find that arriving at the right amount and time for a home improvement becomes easy for you.
  3. Many investors continue with the paint job even when the weather is inclement and overcast. Rain can lead to bubbles on the paint applied on the surfaces of windows and doors. As an investor, you will find yourself spending more time and money on scraping and repainting. Also, painting in very low temperatures leads to peeling off that can make your exercised long and more expensive.
  4. Try to learn about the right materials when carrying out an improvement project in a newly purchased property. Many new investors are interested more in saving money than buying the right materials according to the requirement during a renovation.
  5. Never try to handle the job of an electrician or plumber just to save money during home improvement. Instead of fixing a problem, you can damage the fixture or even the electrical lines leading to more expenses on their repairs. By paying a small amount of money to the professionals, you can ensure that the safety of the lines and the inhabitants is not compromised in any way. Even small tasks like installing appliances can prove to be disastrous if you are not experienced enough.
  6. If you are spraying water on the false ceiling, beware of any light bulb that is switched on inside the room. Many newbie investors have caused accidents because of their inexperience by damaging light fixtures.
  7. Never try to carry out servicing or maintenance of HVAC in a property if you are not experienced to handle air conditioning units and furnaces. You can easily hurt yourself or damage the unit and spend more than you are trying to save. You will have to call in a qualified HVAC specialist to fix the mess that you create because of your inexperience.
  8. Many investors mix up all the keys of different units to create a confusing situation for the contractors. If there are many units on the property that you have purchased, always mention the number of the unit on a bag before putting its keys inside it. You will not waste the time of the contractor as he fumbles with different keys trying to open a door in a unit.

These are only some of the mistakes committed by newbie investors. You can learn from the mistakes of other investors and try to avoid them to make sure that you become a successful investor in the long run.

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