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Putting together an agile team is a concept that is mostly linked with software development, but seeing the profitable approach many industries have been adapting to this thought process? Real estate is no different; adding an active property management team can benefit in the long and short-run both.

The idea is great, but how to implement it? What are the dynamics of creating a dynamic team that is well organized as well? Here are 10 practical tips that can help you change the way you see your team and help you create an agile property management team.

1 - Understand your customer

Many may say that dealing with the tenants and costumers isn’t as much of a priority as balancing the revenue and taking care of the property maintenance and repair. But this isn’t true; you need to keep your customers happy if you are looking for a long successful career. Active teams should have the ability to keep their focus on the customer as well as on the service they are providing. To keep the units occupied, the team will need to think of the customers as priority.

2 - Teams change

You need to accept the fact that your team will not be the same year after year. Some people may leave and find new opportunities, or you might get rid of people who aren’t up to the mark. All in all, people come and go. Maintain a work culture that isn’t a one-man show.

3 - Shift of focus

Just like the team, you will need to change daily. Some days you will be catering to the tenant; someday will end in maintenance or balancing the budget. Stay flexible and you will leave a mark on your team.

4 - Protect what works

Never let go of your perfect team, keep that magic going for as long as you want. Trial-and-error is the way to get the best crew; once you have it, make sure you cherish it.

5 - Professionals with Proper Skillset

No team should be without proper skillsets. Hire people who are not only professionals but who also know how to handle tenants, be polite but firm, communicate as well as know the challenges of the real estate market. Look for a team that is adaptable to new challenges too.

6 - Achieving Targets

The best way to surpass your targets is to assign and delegate. Once you stop meddling into the work of your team, they will perform way better.

7 - Time management

There is nothing that can make you more successful than time management. Once you know how to make time work in your favor, you can conquer a lot. Make your team delegate their time properly, break habits of focusing on unnecessary tasks for long. Clockspot and Toggl are brilliant apps that help you manage time.

8 - Core values

An active team is one that is precise, quick, and efficient, never forget that. It’s great to be flexible and learn new stuff but never forget your core values.

9 - Simple solutions

Always look for easy and simple solutions that take less time and effort.

10 - Communication

No business or team can work without communication. Many active teams have been ruin because of lack of communication. Have meetings, discuss all points, and make sure everything is always clear on all sides.

You can design your entire active team on the basis of these tips. Being flexible, adaptive as well as open to ideas will help you create the best property management, team. Always keep your team on their toes by asking the right question.

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