Do your Calculations before taking up Fights Against Tenants

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There are numerous instances where tenants have caused severe damage to the property of their landlords. This has happened when relations between tenants and landlords turn sour and both try to harm each other’s interests. It is necessary for landlords to maintain relations with their tenants at professional level. They should not pick up fights with tenants unless they are sure of having an upper hand.

Tenants are in control of your property

You need to remember that tenants can easily harm you by damaging your property. Of course, you can fight a legal battle and even get compensation through courts but even you know how difficult and tiring it can be. And who wants to go through the lengthy repair process. It is in your own interest to see that things do not get out of control when taking up an issue with a tenant.

You must learn to remain cool

Bring a landlord does not come easy. No matter what your tenant does and how he behaves with you, you just cannot afford to lose your cool. You have too much at stake to pick up a fight with your tenant. Yes, it can become very difficult to control your emotions when you see a tenant violating the terms of the contract, but you must keep your calm for as long as possible.

Stay calm

Whenever you start to lose your temper, just remind yourself of consequences and try to stay calm. You can take wrong decisions in anger that will go against you.

Follow the rule book

Let your tenant do all the foolish things. But you should behave in a professional manner and according to the rule book. This will go in your favour when things go out of control later.

No yelling and no cuss words

Shouting at a tenant is never in your favor . Keep your voice level down even when you feel like yelling at him.

Allow things to cool down

One good way to help in cooling down of tempers is to go away instead of confronting the tenant. Your anger will subside, and things will not go out of control.

Don’t take tenant’s words personally

Tenants come and go, and your aim should only be the monthly rent you collect form them. Taking anything personally will only harm your business.

These methods of avoiding heated exchanges with tenants are meant to safeguard your interests. You should not think that by not acting against erring tenants, you are proving yourself weak in the eyes of other tenants. Your objective is protection of your assets and there is no harm if you can bear the brunt for a while if it helps in enhancing safety of your assets. Do not do anything that encourages your tenants to take or even think of taking revenge on you.

Choose a battle that you are sure of winning

There is no pint in getting involved in a mudslinging match just to prove a point. You can also act by initiating a legal process and asking your attorney to do the needful. This makes sure that there is no shouting match between you and your tenant and he gets the right message from you. Do not give any reason to your tenant to feel that he has been wronged and needs to take revenge upon you. This way you will easily win the battle against your tenant and escape unharmed. Picking up a fight with your tenant will only encourage your tenants to think of ways of harming you and your property becomes a soft target.

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