Does Mass Marketing Produce Desired Results?

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One receives so many calls on his phone form sales reps of mass marketing systems that it becomes annoying at times. There are internet marketing gurus having developed these systems through seminars as well. Having said all this, are these mass marketing systems worth their prices?

I may not have read or seen such a system, but I think I have a pretty good idea of how it works. Therefore, I feel annoyed every time I receive a phone call, asking me to buy the system. The reason why they give a call on phone is because it is easy, and they can disturb a person no matter how important work he may be doing. They know it is easy for me to discard such a mail and I may even choose to ignore the mail altogether.

There is no way of knowing what number will be used to make such a call. These marketers love to hide behind unknown numbers. This makes them more annoying for me. Then why do these people use these tricks to sell their systems?
The basic premise behind these mass marketing systems is that they increase the likelihood of a response from the receiver. The truth is that you will get responses no matter which system you use. However, there might be differences and they may not be music to ears for you.
Who respond to these calls?

People responding to mass marketing systems are divided into 3 categories.

Tire kickers- These are people who seem to be interested and ask a lot of questions. However, they do not buy anything in the end.
People experiencing troubles- These are people who have troubles paying their taxes, liens, and loans.

Experienced investors- These are seasoned pros who already know a lot about marketing.

If you are trying to sell such a system, you need motivation on the part of your recipients. Remember that tire kickers have no need to sell though they want to sell. They will show anger as they feel the price quoted by you is not a fair deal according to them. People facing troubles with repairs, taxes, and mortgage need help but you cannot hope to make a deal with them. You will only waste a lot of your time listening to their sad stories. Experienced investors will not pay attention to what you have to tell them as they are busy and w do not have time to listen to your gimmicks. They make it clear that they have heard this logic many times before.

As you can see, you find anger thrown at you by your recipients. If your call is picked up by an experienced investor, he knows what you are trying to sell him, and he can easily wrest control from your tele caller. He will respond in such a way that your sales rep has no clue about what he is saying or trying to sell. Why waste the time, energy, and your money on trying to sell your mass marketing system through phone to unsuspecting people.

I have personally used such a mass marketing system for a short time, so I know that it is good for nothing. I was disappointed that people who responded to my calls became angry with me. I could never get a deal out of all the calls I made using this system. I have developed my own marketing techniques and they are also delivering desired results to me.

The reason why mass marketing systems fail to work is because they are being used by others also and so it has reached a saturating stage now.

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