Dos and Don’ts when Listing your Rental Property

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It is the aim of every landlord to attract many tenants when listing his rental property. You want to tell all good points about property to as many people as possible. There are people from all backgrounds and ages searching for rental properties in the market at any given point of time. It depends upon the kind of words you choose to describe your property whether it can achieve your goal or not.

Words are of supreme importance when talking about your property. Here is a list of points that you should not forget in your listing and points that you should avoid at all costs.

Good pictures do all the talking

No matter how good a description you have chosen for your listing, it is imperative to attach beautiful photos of your property from inside and outside. Try to highlight the best features of your property to catch the attention of many tenants.

Always talk about unique points

Every property has something unique about it that makes it different form the rest of the properties in the area. Whether it is great location, marble countertops, wonderful flooring or any other point, list all points that are unique to your rental property.

People love brands

You must have used many top brands for the interiors of your property. These include materials used in windows, shutters, kitchen, and bathrooms. Do not forget to use names of these brands in your listing as many tenants love to live in rented properties where premium brands have been used.

Make judicious use of words

You must play with words to spark curiosity and interest among renters about your property. Words have the power to paint a beautiful picture about your property in the minds of prospective tenants. There are many adjectives that can be used to give the complete idea about your home even without visiting it in person. Luxurious, curb appeal, granite, hardwood flooring etc are some words that can make your listing appear beautiful to most of the readers.

Just as there are words that can make your listing look fantastic, there are also words that need to be avoided by you. Words like potential, wonderful deal, reduced prices etc, paint a picture that is not favorable for your rental property. You should read out your advertisement after writing it to see how it sounds to someone who is on the lookout for a perfect rental property. Remove words and adjectives that are likely to make people skip your advertisement.

Give importance to the neighborhood

Tenants live in your property, but they have much to do with the neighborhood or community in which your property is situated. It is prudent to talk about the neighborhood if it is full of desirable amenities such as parks, schools, restaurants, shopping malls, and public transport. In fact, a rental property in a good neighborhood becomes preferable for renters whereas they tend to avoid good rental properties in neighborhoods with poor facilities.

Remember that listing for your rental property is your major promotion tool. It is very important to make your listing attractive for prospective tenants. If you cannot write a stellar listing, it is advisable to take help from someone who has the experience and the guile.

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