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Who do we refer to while talking about Gen Z?

According to historians, Gen Z is a whole new term used to refer to the generation born in 1990s. It’s the generation of digital world! And, at this point there is a need to differentiate Generation Z from the Millennial. The exact division is difficult though! This is because the perspective of generation shift takes a few years.

So, what’s the actual hype about this generation? Since it has now started to look for its own first apartments, the property managers need to learn about the ways to attract the members of Gen Z. Let’s consider some trends these managers should know.

It’s a generation of cards; credit and debit cards!

This generation is all about technology! Whether it is in the form of mobile phones, computers, credit cards or debit cards! Therefore, it is fairly justified to consider that these adults will not be writing checks. This percentage of ‘non-check’ people is assumed to increase fairly as compared to the Millennial almost a quarter years ago. O, checkbooks are out of fashion now and credit cards and debit cards have really taken hold of the industry.

Taking into consideration the modern trends, the property managers need to set up a system of online payments. The members of Generation Z prefer to communicate via text messages and emails. This appears to be even better way of communication because this generation seems to check its mobile phones multiple times a day. This is unlike their habit of checking the mailbox which they would hardly dare to do once in a lifetime!

This generation does online research

According to the 2014 infographic, about 75% of the Millenial preferred doing proper research on online reviews prior to buy a new home for rent. Thus, it would not be wrong to determine that the coming generation is likely to make decisions based entirely upon the information and reviews they get online.

These adults actively consult the social networks, review sites and forums to get their desired information. Therefore, it is necessary for the property managers to invest properly n their online reputation management in order to attract the members.

Don’t compromise on internet connectivity

Nowadays, internet is used in the field of education, entertainment, shopping and everything you could think of. Unlike the recent past when the customers used to check the kitchen and bathrooms, the generation Z gives edge to the property by checking for good wireless reception and internet speed.

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