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Everyone who has even a bit of real estate knowledge will know that curb appeal can help you increase your house's value. Taking on home improvement projects as well as installing extra add-ons can help you with the value of your house in the market. However, all this isn't something that will benefit you with rental properties.

Although improving your curb appeal in a rental property isn't conventional, but it does have its benefits. A better property attracts better tenants, and this is a fact. A highly-maintained property is what the modern-day tenants needs. Most properties get rejected by high-end tenants as they do not want to lower their standards even when they are renting. A well-cared property indicates that there is a landlord who is willing to take care of the property and who will be all hands on deck 24/7. This gives the tenants extra security.

The tenants know that when a landlord is so willing to put the time into the property, he or she will be there, should an emergency situation occur. Tenants are always looking to rent a property where a landlord is readily available to solve all their major and minor issues. By being available 24/7, the landlord makes its rental very attractive to the tenants.

Apart from that, a cleaner and well-maintained property is the surest way to attract the best tenants in the market. Ideal tenants do not rent dumpsters, so you need to work on your rental is you are looking for the perfect tenant. So, if you are thinking about starting a home improvement project, don't back out. Starting a home improvement project at your rental investment has many benefits; you don't have to start an expensive project. Here are some simple yet effective home improvement projects that will reap fruitful results. The increase in curb appeal is one way of increasing desirability for your property.

New Paint Job:

The easiest and inexpensive way to make your rental property appear well-cared for is to give it a fresh paint job. We do understand that painting the whole exterior will be costly and will also take considerable time and effort; hence we have a pro tip for you. Painting the accents and trims of the property will have more or less the same effect as the whole paint job.

Keep the old paint as it is and choose a bolder color for the accent wall and the trims. This is the full-proof way of modernizing your property with the least bit of effort as well as cost. If you aren't too keen on changing the color or if you are having a hard time selecting a complementary color to go with your existing paint job, just scout out a couple of neighborhoods to check out what's trending.

Revamping Your Kitchen Cabinets:

To change every single cabinet in the kitchen isn't easy or inexpensive, but here are a few tips and hacks to revamp your kitchen cabinets to make them look as good as new. However, these tips only apply to fully functional cabinets.

You can't modernize your cabinets unless you choose a trendy color for them. Colors that were in fashion two decades back will never attract modern tenants. Consider repainting them in a fresh and stylish color. This won't take much time or cost you too much; you can even do it yourself without any hassle.

This smallest step will refresh your cabinets and make them look well-maintained. Apart from perking up the condition of your cabinets, they will also make your kitchen look appealing. Another easy step is to change the hardware on your cabinets. It doesn't cost much to replace the cabinetry, but it gives a beautiful finish to the kitchen.

Outside Projects:

Increasing curb appeal isn't hard if you know how to play smart. Small but significant projects will accelerate the curb appeal with our putting pressure on your wallet. Start with a proper inspection, look around the house, and scrutinize everything that looks old or depleted. Mailbox, house numbers as well as broken plants, these should be replaced as soon as possible.

Many may think that a mailbox isn't significant enough to change the look of the house, but it's these small things that add charm to the otherwise damp exterior. Add deck chairs, fresh plants as well as bright birdhouses to give your house a well-maintained look.


One of the huge turn-offs in a rental property is the flooring. Many tenants don't sign the contract or lease agreement because they aren't too keen on the flooring of the rental property. Know that not all tenants are crazy about having wall to wall carpeting. With kids and pets, carpets are a huge no as they are hard to clean in case of a spill or accident. Carpets house many germs and bacteria, and they are responsible for many allergies. However, carpets are expensive, and the floor underneath might not be very attractive, so you don't need to replace it.

Simply hire professional cleaners and have them give your carpet deep cleaning and sanitation. This will make the carpet look as good as new and also give your rental a fresh and pleasant fragrance. If you have hardwood flooring or tiles, you can also go for a quick polish and buffing to make the floor look gleaming.

Garden or Front Yard:

Broken pots, dying plants, and a yard cluttered with old furniture will not win you any points. If you want to score big, start with the exterior of your house. The garden is the first thing your tenant will see, so make sure it has the right effect on your tenant. Repaint your pots, get rid of the clutter, and have your lawn trim. These small steps won't cost you much but have a charming effect on the exterior of your house.


Curb appeal isn't only for house owners; they are equally crucial for landlords and property managers who are looking to add long term tenants to their lot. Small add-ons, as well as improvement projects, can go a long way when it comes to attracting tenants.

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