How to Generate Profitable and Credible Leads?

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Are you a real estate investor? Do you think you are smart and practical with your investments? If the answer to both of these questions is positive, you must also know how to lead generation to success.

Tech-savvy and practical investors know how important it is to find investment properties before the competition does; they also know how crucial it is to recognize profitable deals and grab them before they are off the market. Your career will stay on standstill if you lack these basic skills. Finding investments, analyzing them for profits, and ROI is a skill set that every investor should have. This skill will increase your tenable rate as well as grow your real estate investor’s portfolio.

Here are some tried and tested strategies for finding great deals.

Ways to Generate Leads:

Hire A Worthy Real Estate Agent:

Creating a team is the best way to go if you are looking to bag more leads for your real estate career. A reliable real estate agent is one of the most critical person to add to your team. Real estate agents can you a lot with finding the best properties to invest in.

They have access to all recent MLS, and due to this can scan the listings faster and give you the best possible results according to our requirements. They also have extended knowledge about the market; hence they can give you better stats on everything regarding real estate and investment properties. it's a fact that real estate agents have vast knowledge about the off-market real estate leads. Having a real estate agent in your team will help you get all updates to act in time and beat your competition.

Your star real estate agent will do all the legwork, leaving you to concentrate on buying and selling properties for profit.


Real estate is a people’s business; hence to get better investment leads, you need to become a people’s person. Networking and getting the word out there about your requirements is one way of acing the investment game and getting new leads. The networking relations you develop with the giants of the market will help you with your investments in the future. These networking relations can make or break your real estate business. Networking puts the word about your requirements out there, so even when people are not selling, they still keep a lookout of people who are selling, and they will let you know about it.

Expand your circle; keep your networking game strong even outside of your inner circle. Expand your circle to include lenders, real estate attorneys as well as wholesalers, bankers, landlords. You can also attend local seminars as well as real estate meetings. You can also have a meeting yourself and invite like-minded people to hangout.

With a solid real estate network, there is a higher probability of generating newer and better real estate leads for investors. You can also come up with bonuses as well as discount strategies and offer them to people who bring you profitable leads.

Drive for Dollars

Driving for dollars is an old phrase in the real estate market; it means scouting out the neighborhood to check for distressed properties. Here are the signs that are an indication that a distressed property might be up for sale.

  • A vacant house
  • House with peeling paint
  • Property with an unkempt yard or garden
  • Drooping gutters or broken windows and mail box
  • Broken fences or mail and newspaper piled on the porch

Check out the property from all angles, jot down the address, and then give your agent a call to know more about the property. You can also use Mashboard to check out more details about the property. While buying a distressed property, you will face less competition, and you can also get the property at lower prices than the market.

Use Social Media Platforms:

The best tool to explore while looking for new leads is social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as LinkedIn and such other platforms, can help you reach out to many people at once.

Stay active on these platforms, post about your expertise and other informative contents, reach out to people, and gather a considerable fan-following. In the future, these followers will be able to generate new leads for real estate investors. You can also use social media platforms for paid and unpaid both kinds of marketing for your real estate business. You can also create a Facebook page or group to post regularly.

Direct Mail:

Another step that is slow, but still reaps fruit is Direct mail marketing. You may have to send your marketing letters more than a couple of times to generate the interest of homeowners who may want to sell their property, but on the whole, it’s a safe and foolproof way of generating leads. When you keep at your campaign, the homeowners see that you are serious. They may not do so immediately, but when they do, they will remember your name and details for sure. This is the power of being persistent.

Online Resources:

Online real estate markets like Mashvisor are also a great way to find off-market real estate leads. If you are tech-savvy and computer-friendly, it will take you no time to use and ace the Mashvisor Property Marketplace. This online tool permits investors to find off-market properties including short sales, distress properties, and foreclosures there are a variety of filters that help the user to narrow down their search and match the required criteria. With the help of Mashboard you can also get names, addresses, as well as emails, and phone numbers of potential leads. You can call them up and get all the necessary details. This is a brilliant step as you can make offers and negotiate deals without any middle man.


The above-mentioned strategies and tactics will help you generate high-profile leads, making your real estate business a profitable one. Multiple strategies help you generate leads from several resources.

If you’d like to talk more about property management, or you need help with Everest Property Management, please contact us at Everest Realty.

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