How to Handle Difficult Tenants - Landlord's Guide?

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It takes a lot of patience when you are dealing with difficult people in any field of the world, let alone tenants. At times they can very angry or optimistic or may sometime be very unrealistic. Nonetheless, following are some guidelines that will help a landlord deal with such difficult situations

Your Perspective

Different people look at different thing in separate different ways. Sometimes the problem only changing the perspective about what you think about the other person will help you a lot.

Be on their side

Letting your tenants know that you are one of them and are ready to do whatever it takes to resolve the problem will immediately solve half of the problem because such an attitude develops an instant can-do feeling in both the parties.

Listen with empathy

Distancing yourself from complaining tenant or just ignoring will only make the situation worst that before. Try being empathetic and listen to what they have to say. This will be your first step in resolving the issue at hand. Once the tenant has the feeling that you are trying to be in their shoes and willing to help them understand and resolve the matter, they are less angry and reasonable in their interactions.


Taking instant action portrays importance

You would think what an instant action would be if you have just started to listen what the complainant has to say. Let me give you an example, you can start by pinning down the complainant’s points in your phone to show that you are prioritizing the tasks already.

Show respect by saying some kind words

Saying to your tenant that “you mean a lot to me” will help you for good because conveying respect means that you are receptive to what the tenant has to say and ready to resolve the matter right away. This helps in building a platform for both of you to sit and discuss the situation and to design a perfect solution to the problem.


Don’t take everything personally

Recognizing the fact that it’s about them and not you will make them feel that you are supportive and willing to resolve the matter. When you are ready to listen and don’t take every word they say as a personal attack, things will start to solve rather than getting worst.

Creating less expectation and delivering more

This is an absolute recipe for success. In order to sell or to lease out the property on rent, many landlords oversell their property and create unrealistic expectations. The landlords should be going the other way around that is under promising and over delivering as suggested by famous McGraw Hill.

Planning and Execution

Taking out time to take up tenants’ concerns

Ignoring and saying that you are busy all the time will convey that you are not interested in what they have to say and that the issue is one-sided. That is not true. You are bound by a mutual agreement that holds both the landlord and tenants in their respective responsibilities. So, taking time out is beneficial not just for them but for you as well.

Doing small things make a big difference

You can just go on and say a blunt ‘no’ to your tenant for things that are contrary to your company’s policy or things that you are not responsible to do and say ‘no’ about. But doing smaller things will earn you more respect. For example, emailing or personally delivering your tenants invoices when you know that your tenants aren’t enough tech savvy.

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