How to Highlight Sellable Features for Palm Coast Property Management?

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If you are the property manager of a homeowner in Palm Coast, a beautiful golf resort city in Flagler County, it is your responsibility to screen the applications of people desirous of obtaining the property on rent. To be able to attract large number of applicants, you need to highlight the most sell-able features of the property. Every property is different in its own unique way and there are always features that allow a property to stand out from the rest in a neighborhood. As the property management company in Palm Coast, you face this challenge of highlighting the best features of the property to attract tenants who can pay the desired rent. If you can do it right with images and videos, you can actually build a brand for your Palm Coast property management company. Here are some tips to highlight the features of the property using social media:

1.     Take photos of only the right (read best) features

You must take beautiful photos of the features you think your prospective tenants would be most interested in. Share the photos that are a mix of the design and function of these features of the property. You can choose to click photos of appliances if they have been recently bought or the crown molding to prove the attractive interiors. Focus on the patio if it has been created or renovated recently or even when it has been washed and cleaned. 

Cover the property in all angles and place the photos in a collage. Prospective tenants see these photos and decide in favor of your property. 

2.     Make sure the photos are sharp and high resolution

It is alright to focus upon the right features of the property. But images taken from an ordinary mobile phone may not be sharp and clear to the liking of the potential tenants. Make sure you make use of iPhone 7 or any comparable phone or DSLR to take the photos of the property exteriors and interiors. Otherwise your purpose of attracting applicants through use of sharp and crystal clear photos will not materialize. Remember that these photos will help in building a brand for your Palm Coast property management business.

3.     Give them a virtual tour

Times have changed technology has made it possible for the clients to take a virtual tour of your property even without setting foot inside. Plan the tour before taking out your mobile phone and starting the shoot. Once made, edit the video and post it on You Tube or your business page on Facebook and Instagram. You will be happy to see the response you get from the applicants desirous of becoming a tenant in your Palm Coast property. Record your voice by describing the features and when shooting inside the bathroom, kitchen or the patio. You can encourage viewers to post comments. If there is a backyard, go and shoot there, telling how tenants can use this area for BBQ and for partying with friends. 

4.     Use data to impress the applicants

Potential tenants often come with lots of questions about not just the property but also the surrounding area and its social factors. If you are looking after the property management Palm Coast, the best way to counter the questions put up by potential tenants is to throw irrefutable data at them. Tenants often raise questions about accessibility to parks, restaurants, shopping malls, stores, schools, and medical facilities. Keep data on your fingertips to satisfy such applicants. Be sure to highlight the safety of the place if the crime rate is even slightly lower than other neighborhoods in Palm Coast city. Tenants love to hear this stat as they imagine themselves living in total safety. 

If the property you are managing is newly built, do not forget to emphasize this fact in front of the applicants. They are mentally relived as no tenant likes to go through the hassle of repairs once he has moved in a property. 

5.     Let others talk

You can go on and on praising your property in Palm Coast city and put photos in support of the fact. But one thing that impresses potential applicants most is when they hear about the property from people who have earlier actually lived inside it. Get testimonials from your previous tenants and use them as a bait to attract many potential tenants for your property. You may not believe but often the testimonials from previous tenants become the most sell-able feature of a property beating all other tools used for this purpose. 

These are only ideas and you are free to use your imagination for the aim of highlighting the features of your property in Palm Coast. If you have the right idea, it is not difficult to highlight the sell-able features of your property. 

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