Increase Lighting to make your Rental Home More Beautiful and Comfortable

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Lighting plays a crucial role in making a home beautiful and comfortable for living. Many rental properties in Palm Coast and Ormond Beach have very few lighting fixtures. Even if you your rental home is fitted with large windows to allow more of natural light, you start to feel uncomfortable as soon as the day ends and look for more lighting to improve your comfort level. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to improve lighting in your rental home. Keep these brilliant ideas in mind when searching for a rental home in Ormond Beach area in Florida.

Create soft lighting using lamps

It is common to find the feature of overhead lighting in many rental homes in Ormond Beach. This kind of lighting is good in offices and even inside your kitchen, but it appears to be too bright for your eyes in other rooms such as bedroom or living room. In such a situation, it is a good idea to place table lamps with bulbs consuming lesser watts of energy for proper illumination. This kind of soft light not only suits your eyes but also gives your rooms a much better look in comparison to overhead lighting.

Soft lighting adds a touch of comfort and warmth in places like bathrooms where you need to go in the middle of the light at times. If there is a counter, you can place a lamp on it. If not, you can exercise the option of a plug in decorative light.

 Lamp shades in light colors

If you use dark color lamp shades, a high percentage of the light is filtered with very little illumination outside. It defeats the purpose of more light in your rental home. This is why you should buy light color lamp shades to add brightness to your home. There are many color options in front of you in these lampshades from white and cream to light grey. Not only these light color lampshades increase light and brightness to your rooms but they also make the atmosphere lively and full of fun with their beautiful designs and patterns. They also add to the décor and ambience of your rental home.

Make use of accent lighting by hanging them

If you are impressed with the décor achieved your friend by hanging accent lighting, you can easily do the same in your home. Accent lighting can be found in your local lighting showrooms and stores for home improvement. They are available in many interesting styles and they are also inexpensive to add to the décor and lighting in your home.  Good thing with these hanging lights is that your landlord will never object to them as they do not require any permanent wiring along the walls. Hang accent lighting in the living room close to the sofa set or the music system to add to the elegance and harm of the room.

 Lights powered by batteries

These are another option you have when you are looking to add lighting in your rental home. These lights are perfect for homes with very few electrical outlets. You can place these lights anywhere and also move them around depending upon your liking and requirement. These battery powered lights are fitted with LED bulbs to consume very little power.

One more option up your sleeve is that of tap lights. They are also battery powered and they can be placed anywhere such as shelves and cupboards. They can be switched on by simply tapping with your hand over them.

No matter which lights you use in your rental home, you can add not just light but also elegance and charm to the overall décor of your home.

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