Lies that Hold you Back as an Investor

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As a newbie real estate investor, the toughest thing for you is to strike the first deal. Challenge for you when you are an experienced investor is to try your hands at new things. Why is it so difficult to close the first deal or chart a path not trodden before for an investor? Let us find out.

It is the brain that works in peculiar ways to hold back an investor. It tells him lies so that he does not attempt uncharted paths. Brian wants to keep the investor safe and moving on a known path.

Most people stick to safe and tried paths. This is what keeps them away from success in life. The fact is that you must take new paths to become really successful in your career. Here are lies that hold you back and do not allow you to try new things in life.

This is beyond my capacity

This is one of the lies your minds keeps telling you to keep you away form a problem or challenge. If you think you can’t do it, it is impossible for you to even attempt something that can bring success to you.

You can do it but I can’t

This is another blatant lie told to you by your brain. You brain will even find reasons why someone else can do a job, but you can’t. It will cite your health, financial condition, family environment, or other excuses to tell you that you cannot do something that is done by others.

I cannot live without this and that

You begin your day with a coffee and think you cannot get up until you have had your first cup of coffee in the morning. This is a lie that your brain repeats all the time and you believe it to be true. In the same way, you brain tells you that you cannot live without many other things like your smartphone, a mutton steak or the can of beer. However, you really do not need any special things to survive or excel in life.

You cannot live with enjoyment

You have so used to fun and enjoyment that you start to believe it is impossible to live without them. But believe me, they are just luxuries that you really do not require to do well in life.

Comfort is essential

Your brain wants to keep you safe and comfortable. But you surprise yourself when you push yourself to discomforts and still manage things wonderfully. You are used to living in air-conditioned atmosphere, but you find that you can live easily in harsh weather conditions.

I have no knowledge about it

This is the easiest way to excuse you from a job. But if you do not try, how can you say you will not be able to do a job. Even the greatest of players began in a humble manner at some point of their lives.

It can be done later

Your brain is an expert at keeping you away from unpleasant situations and jobs. Procrastination is a habit that never allows you to learn important lessons in life. Of course, you can do a job later. But that time in future never really arrives. What you must do, do it now.

Doing something once doesn’t make you habitual

Your brain cleverly tells you that doing something once doesn’t make you habitual whether it is alcohol, cigarette, or even a fraud. But you never realize how one time leads to another and you have become habitual of doing something you are advised against. One bite of chocolate and one cigarette simply leads to another and you become habitual even without knowing it consciously.

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