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It is common to see landlords searching for professional tenants. These individuals have a very positive image in minds of landlords. However, the reality is farthest from this image. It is better to stay away from professional tenants as far as possible.

Who is a professional?

These are the tenants who prey on innocent landlords and make their life hell. They are glib talkers and appear to be sweet and straightforward. As a landlord, you will be happy with their answers to your questions. They make you believe as if they are the best tenants you can hope to find. They have the advance deposit and a month’s rent ready in hand. What more can a landlord ask for from a tenant, right? What you don’t know is that the money they are giving to you is probably the money they owe to their previous landlord.

Professional tenants look so sweet and polite that they enter your property very easily. But you need to be alert as they plan to pay you no monthly rent after paying this advance and rent. They will take possession and never contact you again. Being a professional, these tenants know the loopholes of the system. They know how complex the process of eviction is. They are ready with their tricks to delay eviction. They know they will finally be evicted in 6-12 months and they plan their stay in your property accordingly. They pay only as much as it is necessary to move in and enjoy living in your property for as long as they can. Once they know they are going to be evicted, they will pack bags and start their hunt for another landlord who can become an easy prey.

Deceit through appearance and mannerisms

These individuals are so good actors that it is hard for a landlord to even imagine what they are planning to do to him in future. They are always well dressed and look and behave like true professionals. One way to spot such tenants is from their way of presenting themselves. They try to make you feel they are offering a great deal that you should grab immediately or else they will be gone. They want you to lower your guard and sign the agreement with them without wasting any time.

How to prevent falling prey to these tenants

Professional tenants plan to trap simple and old landlords as they know professional property managers will not succumb to their guiles. They look for ‘For Rent’ signs where they know they will not face strict rules and policies. You can keep these people away from your property by putting up a sign that has a professional looking design with a logo. Another way to avoid falling in their trap is to overcome your temptation for the cash they flash. Insist on application form and routine background check.

Also, do not go by what these people say. They talk sweetly only to trap you. Do not accept any advance payment and say that you will decide on their application after a thorough background check. This will scare the scamsters who have duped several landlords in the past. You will be surprised to know the details about these so-called professionals as they owe money to not to one or two but many individuals and companies. A little bit of alertness can save you from the clutches of professional tenants.

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