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If you are a landlord, making your rental property safe for your tenants is your responsibility. Not only do you need to comply with all the local laws pertaining to safety of your tenants, but you need to make your tenants safe and secure inside the property. By taking safety measures, you not only make your tenants safe but also secure your property which is your big investment.

Burglary is a very common phenomenon in rental properties, and they are not restricted to apartment buildings alone. Irrespective of the location of your property in a neighborhood, you cannot assume your tenants are immune from burglaries. These burglaries lead to nearly $1 billion in claims from tenants around the country. Burglaries not only make tenants worry about their safety but also lower the appeal of your property in their eyes. You can face higher vacancy rates because of these crimes and your tenants face a higher risk of burglaries in future as your property becomes a soft target for the criminals. To avoid such a scenario, you need to take concrete steps to enhance the safety and security of your property and tenants.

A great alarm system

A good quality alarm system can help in getting rid of burglaries in your property. They may be costly, but you can add their cost to your monthly rental and your tenants will happily bear this burden. Today, there are available many modern and advance alarm systems that can detect suspicious movement through thermal imaging alone.

Install strong and secure doors

Strong and secure doors prove to be a good deterrent for the miscreants. Make sure that all entry and exit points in your property have strong doors that are also locked all the time. Spend money on buying strong doors made from solid wood or steel to enhance security of your tenants. Also install peepholes in doors to allow tenants to ascertain the identity of the individual before opening them. Change locks frequently to make sure miscreants are not able to make duplicate keys of locks.

Spend money on lighting

Improper and insufficient outdoor lighting proves helpful for people with criminal mindset. Make sure the exteriors of your property are well illuminated after sunset to deter movement of unscrupulous elements. In addition to the front gate, you should also improve lighting in the backyard of your property.

Improve security of windows

Windows are another source of entry for criminals besides doors. They find it easy to get in using windows as glass can be broken easily. There should be lock mechanisms in all windows and glasses should not be so large to allow a human being to sneak in. Windows should be equipped with additional bars from inside so that no one can come inside even after glass is broken.

Increase awareness of your tenants

Preventing burglaries in your rental property is a joint responsibility of the landlord and the tenants. You cannot expect tenants to know about the best ways to keep their units safe and secure. You need to educate them with tips and ways to achieve highest possible security for themselves. Make rules to ensure safety and punish tenants fluting these rules.

Security through landscaping

If you do not maintain landscaping of your property, you are giving criminals an alternative way to enter your property. Make sure that trees and bushes are trimmed regularly so that there is no place for thieves to hide behind them.

In the end, remember that your property is your big investment. You can make it more profitable by increasing the safety and security of your tenants.

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