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All men and women have their secrets. These secrets are kept by people as they think they are too personal or because they are fearful of condemnation from the society. People fear revealing their secrets as they believe they will only invite trouble for themselves. The same holds true for tenants who are after all human beings. But tenants keep secrets from their landlords as they are fearful of eviction or some other hard action by their landlords. Here are some of the top secrets of tenants.

Arrival of boyfriend or girlfriend in the property

This is the most common secret tenants try to hide from their landlords. It is your duty as a landlord to keep track of movement of people coming and going out of your rental property because of security reasons. Tenants know they have violated terms of lease agreement by inviting their boyfriends and girlfriends to live with them. It is difficult for you to judge whether the person is living permanently in your property or he has just come to meet his friend. Instead of screaming on your tenant, it is better to offer tenancy to the stranger after a background check.

Not telling the truth about pets

If you do not allow pets in your property, it comes as a surprise to find a dog or cat in the unit occupied by a tenant during a routine inspection visit. The tenant, knowing that he has been caught red handed, will make excuses and tell you that it is a new pet and he was just going to inform you about it. If you allow pets, you can ask the tenant to pay the pet fee if it does not belong to proscribed species. But if you do not allow pets strictly, you must ask your tenant to get rid of the pet.

Not keeping the unit clean and organized

This is a secret that you come to know about when you visit the apartment on a complaint or regular maintenance. The tenant behaved so politely and looked so innocent. But he never told you his secret that he is a slob. You cannot do much in this situation except asking him to clean up the place. Issue a warning and tell him that you will ask him to move out if you found the place dirty and unkempt again.

Tenant is a party animal

No applicant boasts about his habit to throw parties for friends at his place. This is done to hide this secret from the landlord who does not want nuisance inside rental  property. You will be surprised to find that the tenants who appear to be very quiet and somber in front of you are party animals and create a lot of noise during these parties. Do not believe a tenant when they say they don't not like to party. Check out his activities on social media and you will unearth his secret.

House law has been broken

If a tenant has broken a house law, they like to keep it a secret from landlord for as long as possible. However, it is in his own interest to tell the truth as he cannot keep this violation as a secret for long. Perhaps it is the fear of being rebuked by the landlord that forces tenants to be silent about broken house laws.

They keep 
grievances to themselves

This is a surprising aspect of human nature that forces many tenants to keep their unhappiness to themselves. They may be dissatisfied with some feature or facility in your rental property. But rather than informing you about it, they keep it as a secret and undertake the hassle of moving to another property.

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