Only the Cleanest and the Dirtiest Properties are Remembered by Tenants

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If you make a family look at many properties in a day and ask them about these homes at the end of the day, you will be surprised that only the cleanest and the dirtiest remain in the memory of the family. This clearly tells you the importance of keeping your property clean. You get referrals from past tenants when they remember your property as a very clean one.

It is easier to stay clean than to clean up a dirty property. But for this, you need to make constant efforts. You will find that even your tenants try to maintain cleanliness when they receive their unit in a sparkling clean condition. You can also ensure cleanliness by making surprise inspections of your property.

Ask your tenants to cooperate

Most tenants pay scant attention to cleanliness when they are moving out. You should make it clear to them that they need to hand over the unit in clean condition if they want their security deposit back. Tell them to take away everything owned by them when moving out. The fear of deduction from their security deposit forces all tenants to leave the house in a very clean condition.

You must accept normal wear and tear

Do not accept everything to be in a perfect order and shining if a family has lived in one of your units for a few months. Normal wear and tear start to show whether it is furniture items or the appliances in the kitchen. The same is the case with fixtures in the bathroom. You know that you cannot replace everything because of budget constraints. But you can certainly do a lot of things to create the impression of very clean property when new tenants move in.

In the bathroom

What turns off the mood of a potential tenant is the dirtiness inside the bathroom. Make sure you clean the toilet seat, the flush, and the tiles so that they are sparkling clean. Do not leave the toilet cleaner and the brush inside the bathroom. These are private accessories that every tenant buys for himself.

In the kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of every home and you can easily attract tenants by keeping your kitchen clean as a sparkle. There should be no grease or stain marks on the countertop and the sink. The floor should be clean and dry, and all cabinets should be wiped clean with all handles and knobs intact. Visitors have this habit of looking inside cabinets. So, make sure all knobs and handles are in a working order.

Get rid of all kinds of odors

The smell of spices and oils used by previous tenants can remain inside a unit for a long time. A smelly unit proves to be a big turnoff for potential tenants. You should make use of air fresheners frequently after thoroughly cleaning the floors and the walls of all the rooms. Make sure water keeps running in taps so that your visitors do not get foul smell when they try to check availability of water in a faucet or tap.

It is time to go for a paint job

You can take care of cleanliness, but you cannot do much about the stains on the walls. The best course of action would be to go for a paint job. The smell of freshly painted walls creates a very good impression on your visitors. It also makes your home warm and inviting.

It is your desire to have best quality tenants for your property. You also want them to pay top rent for your property. You only get a few minutes to create a great impression on your visitors. You can attain your goal by keeping your property sparkling clean.

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