Pros and Cons of Having Houses Surrounded By Trees

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If you are a property investor, taking the right decision can make this business very lucrative for you. Buying and selling residential houses is a tricky business. All houses are not the same; some have a clean appearance while trees surround others. When investors come to know about a house surrounded by trees, they often get confused. Because this house can be a profitable investment, but on the other hand, it can lead to a loss. So, it would help if you considered the pros and cons of buying such houses. Let's discuss it in detail.

The Pros of buying a house surrounded by trees

Plantation close to property can be an advantage and disadvantage as well. Let us see the advantages first.Reduce utility bills: If the trees are properly planted around the house, it can reduce your utility bills. They reduce the power use of air conditioning and heating. According to reports, mature trees provide necessary shade and reduce the air conditioning expense by around 30%. Similarly, they reduce the heating cost by nearly 50% in winter. Moreover, you have to water your lawn less frequently, as the evaporation rate reduces due to the presence of trees. It restricts your water usage, and you reduce the bill. So, having trees affect your utility bills in more than one way.

 Increase the property's market value: According to a survey, housing having tall, green trees gets better market value. The house price increases around 10 to 20 % just because of trees: You can get $1000 to $ 10,000 more. They add esthetic appeal to the house, and everyone wants to buy a beautiful house. 

Healthy environment: The air quality of homes with trees is better than those not surrounded by trees. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and bad odors too. Moreover, they also remove pollutants like ammonia and oxides of nitrogen and sulfur. Trees are also producers of oxygen, and two trees can produce oxygen sufficient for four people. So, trees have various advantages and keep the surrounding of your house healthy. 

Reduce noise and improve privacy: A research says that mature trees can reduce urban noise up to 50%. People living in noisy places like close to business centers and train stations can take advantage of this characteristic of trees. They can also save your house from strong winds. Moreover, they can help you get necessary privacy by restricting the view from neighboring houses. 

Trees add colors to home: Trees give a beautiful look to the house and make it aesthetically attractive. A house with a tree looks refreshing and different shades of green give a soothing feel to the eyes. 

The cons of Plantation around your house some risks are also associated with it, which you must know before investing in such properties. 

Structural problems: The roots of trees go deep down in the soil to absorb water and nutrients. If trees are close to the house, they can expand under the foundation. In this case, you may face different structural problems. Moreover, the roots of the trees can grow near the sewer line as they get water and nutrients there. Growth of roots in sewer pipes can block it, and you can face problems in-water disposal. In such situations, cleaning and repair become difficult. 

Blockage in roof gutters: Branches of tall trees can hang over roofs. They can cause blockage of roof gutters; if they remain unnoticed, they can cause damage to the roof as well. The expenses of roof repair or replacement are very high. Low hanging branches can also damage shingles, which can cause roof leakage. Moreover, when the roof gutter clogs, the stagnant water can be a breeding house for mosquitoes and other insects. 

Fallen leaves and branches can cause damage: Trees can cause damage to the house in multiple ways. For instance, during a storm, the tree can fall on the roof and cause damage of various degrees. Moreover, fallen leaves can restrict the movement of water, which can be an indirect cause of roof leakage and damage. 

Too much shade can ruin your garden: Shade is good for the house, and your kids can play around on a shady lawn. But too much shade can restrict the growth of other plants in your garden. Grass will not grow under trees and give the landscape a patchy and unpleasant look. Additionally, if you have installed solar panels, trees can act as a barrier and reduce their exposure to sunlight. If you have a pool in the house, a fallen tree will give an unpleasant look. 

Cleaning demands increase: If you have trees in the house, the cleaning demands of the house increase. You have to spend extra time cleaning fallen leaves. If you don’t have time, you have to hire someone for this additional cleaning. Trees attract birds, and you must be ready to clean your driveway and vehicles if birds poop. You must clean the roof more frequently. These are just a few pros and cons of a house, which has a Plantation around it. Having trees is a great advantage, but you must consider a few things before buying this house. For instance, do a complete inspection of the property. It will help you to understand if there is any structural damage. Don’t forget to check the sewer lines and roof gutters. You can also call an expert to check the health of the trees surrounding the house. They will also check the appropriate distance between the house and trees. The house must be insured, and there should be a necessary clause related to tree damage. It should also provide coverage if trees cause damage to your neighbors' property. These few points can help you to buy a property having trees. It would help if you compared the advantages and risks before buying. This evaluation will help you to make the right decision. An insurance policy can help to avoid unnecessary stress.

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