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It is the dream of every landlord to have good quality tenants in rental property. After all, who doesn’t want to have tenants who continue to live in the property for a long time, paying monthly rent on time? For this purpose, landlords deploy a robust tenant screening system in place as they desperately wish to keep bad tenants away from their rental  property. But even the most advance tenant screening system is like skimming the pages of a book without reading it in full. What then are the qualities that are commonly found in good tenants? We have put together certain attributes of such tenants based upon the information shared with us by experienced landlords.


Most landlords are frustrated with the problem of tenant turnover. It is their desire to catch hold of tenants who have a stable employment and would live in their property for a long time to come. Stability is a quality that is common among good tenants and assures a landlord that he will continue to receive rent and forget all worries about tenant turnover. If you want to have stable tenants in your property, you need to investigate employment and rental history of the applicants before allowing them in. Tenants who hop jobs and move out of their homes every now and then are certainly not the kind of tenants you want in your rental property.


Reliability is another quality that is common among good tenants. How do you find tenants who are reliable? One of the best tools to check the reliability of your applicants is to go through their credit history. Are they paying their bills on time? Have they continued with job and residence or hopping from one place to another? Is there a perfect match in the information they provided on the tenant screening questionnaire and the conversation you had with them on hone? Reliability is a virtue that is hard to prove in a person over a short period of time, but you can find reliable tenants by doing background checks on them.


Politeness is a quality that is visible to everyone by the way an individual talk and behaves with others. However, beware of fake politeness that can be easily assumed by bad tenants when seeking a home in the property of a landlord.  There are many applicants that have excellent past record, but they disappoint you when you meet them in person. As a landlord, you do not want rude, disrespectful, loud and misbehaved people to get entry into your property. You can easily detect this quality in a person after meeting and interacting with potential tenants for several minutes. The applicant may be a total stranger to you, but you get an idea about his upbringing and attitude by the way he behaves and moves around during his meeting with you.


Now this is a quality that is hard to identify in a person after a short meeting. You can spot this quality in a prospective tenant if you see that he has a solid plan about the kind of place he is looking for his family. Check if the applicant is doing his own screening of the landlord and the property or not. If yes, then you can be pretty sure that he is a very thoughtful person who knows where he wants to live with his family.  Has he checked the amenities as well as the neighborhood for the features that he wants in the place where he desires to live?

These are some of the top qualities found in most good quality tenants. Give your applicants a score out of 10 on all these 4 qualities and decide whether you should be allowing them inside your property or not.

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