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You have finally found a wonderful place to live and you are satisfied with the condition and the features of the rental property. However, there are still many questions that you need to ask your landlord before signing the lease agreement. Here are 6 of these important questions that you should never forget to ask your future landlord.

What will be the mode of payment and schedule?

There are many modes of payment, but every landlord gives preference to a particular mode of payment. Some still love to collect checks from their tenants while others have switched to electronic mode of payment. There is also the schedule of payment. As a tenant, you want to make sure the date of rental payment according to your lease and the date beyond which you will be charged late fee by your landlord.

Find out if other tenants have any problems

When asking this question, do not be straightforward. Simply ask if previous tenants have experienced any problems like noisy neighbors, quarrelsome neighbors, smokers, and so on. Also ask your landlord how you should deal if you encounter any such neighbors. Most landlords will tell you to report the problem directly to them rather than starting a dispute with your neighbor. Make sure you have their help and support in dealing with problem tenants as otherwise you can be left to deal with them on their own.

What should you with respect to repairs and maintenance?

Most tenants, in their hurry to get inside the property, forget to ask this very important question. Ask your tenant about your specific responsibilities towards the maintenance of appliances and the HVAC and when you should change the air filters of the HVAC. Ask questions about how and when you should make requests for repairs and how the landlord proposes to fix the problems.

What does the landlord think about your overstaying guests?

Overstaying guests is an issue that always becomes a bone of contention between the tenants and the landlord. It is advisable to ask your landlord what his policy on overstaying guests is. This way you can avoid misunderstandings and violation of your lease agreement in case a few of your friends decide to stay for a long time in your home. Some landlords do not issue a warning on this issue and straightaway take the option of evicting the tenant. So be careful and clarify the restrictions on overstaying guests when moving in.

What modifications can be undertaken?

Most landlords raise objections to their tenants carrying out modifications inside their rental property. It is better to ask your landlord whether you can paint a wall or drill holes for hanging your paintings on the drywall. Knowing what you can and what you cannot do helps you to stay inside the limits.

Can the lease be broken?

If you are doing a steady job in the city, you would not like to break the lease term. But you never know when you might get a better job option in another city or out of the state. As such, it is better to ask your landlord what your options are if you must move out before the end of the term of the lease. Find out if you must pay any penalty or you can find a sub letter to live in your apartment for the remainder of the lease term.

Getting answers to these questions from your landlord will give you a lot of peace of mind and you will be able to enjoy your tenancy with high level of confidence. You can also compare between two properties with the help of answers given by respective landlords.

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