Reasons Why Tenants are Concerned about Their Safety

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Reasons Why Tenants are Concerned about Their Safety

The days of experiencing absolute safety are now over. You can’t think of keeping the front door unlocked at nights. Forgetting keys inside the car is unthinkable today. You become fearful about the safety of your kids playing in the neighborhood. Times have changed, and we attach great importance to safety and security of our loved ones today. This is also why tenants today search properties and neighborhoods where they can feel safe and secure. In addition to neat and clean community, they want a neighborhood that is safe for their family to live.

Today, tenants look for not just comfort and convenience but also a neighborhood where they can feel safe and secure. In such a scenario, it is not a surprise to see those landlords doing well who are able to provide their tenants with a safe and secure environment. Below you will find some great ideas to make your Atlanta rental property safer and more secure for your potential tenants.

Properly illuminated outdoors

Dark spots outside your property create feelings of insecurity in the minds of tenants. Brightly illuminated areas keep burglars away as they can be easily spotted. Also, tenants coming back to their homes in evenings would feel good when they see the outdoors brightly illuminated.

Active alarm system

If you have got an alarm system installed in your property to improve safety of the residents, you can reassure a lot of your potential tenants.

Extra locks for feeling of security

Do not forget to provide deadbolts for all outside doors to give a sense of safety and security to your tenants. It foes a long way in removing feelings of vulnerability form the minds of your tenants.

Windows that can be locked in a secure manner

Burglars usually get access inside homes using windows that are not locked properly. Make sure that all windows have secure locks otherwise your tenants will always have feelings of insecurity in their minds. Check that all windows are closing and have proper locks during your routine inspection. No window should open from outside.

It is easy to overlook some safety aspects as a landlord. Encourage your tenants to point out lapses whenever they come across them in your property.

Maintenance crew screening

Let your tenants know how much importance you attach to their security by screening the maintenance crew. It makes your tenants confident when they know that those responsible for the security of their homes are being subject to background checks. Let tenants know that no outsider can enter the property without giving notice in advance. This will instill feelings of security and confidence in your tenants as they know there is no danger of theft of their personal belongings. They know that no stranger will enter their homes without their permission.

Encourage tenants to give their feedback constantly

Have a transparent and honest relationship with your tenants. Make them feel you are their guardian and ready to listen to their grievances and suggestions all the time. Tell them to report any abnormal activity that they see or sense inside the property. They should not hesitate to inform you about any threats they feel or suspicious activities or behaviors that they experience. Sense of security goes a long way in making your property attractive for potential tenants.

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