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The one thing that will make your career in property management and real estate is advertising. We have seen many passionate real estate professionals ignore this fact and suffer the consequences. And if you think that you have rules of marketing and all the strategies in the bag, you might want to give it another thought. Because in the last decade the rules have changed, the sign in the yard doesn’t work anymore. It’s all gone digital, and you will have a set back if you can’t keep up. The recent renters’ pool is full of Millennials, and you need to think like them to lure them in. This is where we come in; we are here with pointers that will help you up your digital marketing game to advertise bigger and better.

Target Millennials:

The target market you are focusing on matters more than anything else. If you have the right target market, your property management career will soar. The fact that we are stressing upon targeting the Millennials is because they have occupied the lion’s share of the renter’s pool. When focusing on this group, you need to study their behavior, where their interests lie, and where does this group spend the majority of their time. Armed with this knowledge, you can advertise your rental property on the right platforms. This is a smart approach that can get you lines and lines of renters, but there are very few landlords following this approach. Hence they are falling behind their income target month after month.

Get The Perfect match:

Every rental property is different; you need to analyze who would be perfect for your property. We will call this step the “renter’s persona”. Once you analyze and understand the needs of your to-be renters, you will able out to seek out the renters that are a perfect match for your property. For example, a contemporary and chic loft is ideal for young professionals; whereas a house with a big yard is perfect for a family with kids and pets. Once you have this down, you can target the ideal match and get a renter in a matter of days.

Property Description:

The first impression is the last impression, so when a potential client likes the pictures of your rental property, he or she will click and go straight to the description. This here is the part where you can either win your client or lose them. Catchy titles lure customers, and a proper description keeps them engaged. Be precise and add a lot of information. Try to stay as honest as possible; don’t add fluff to your description. Make sure you add amenities like pool, backyard, or parking facilities.

To help you understand how best to add value to your description:

  • Describe the positive aspects like floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Don’t be vague like property on Madison Ave.
  • Add bonus points like an apartment with a rooftop pool.

Visual Effects:

Pictures make the most impact when you are advertising your rental property. Most people may or may not read the description, but all of them will take a look at the pictures you have posted. With quality pictures, you can be sure that people will open the description box. HD pictures, a catchy title and an informative description are the winning recipe for luring in potential renters. You don’t have to hire a professional photographer, a few tricks and you will be able to take the best pictures. Although, you may need to get hold of a good camera, avoid clicking pictures in bad lighting and make sure you have a stand to keep the camera still.

Another point to consider is to take pictures of all the important parts of your property. This includes the exterior as well as the interior. You can also ethically edit these pictures to make them more appealing.

Listing Syndication:

Being a part of social media and staying ahead of your game will surely pay off. If you are still looking for sites to add your property posts manually, you aren’t ahead of your game; in fact, you aren’t taking it seriously. Why waste time when you can use Listing Syndication to add your property details on multiple sites? Advertise your property on Rentberry and use their syndication button to post your listing on 9 giant sites in one go. This will save you time and increase your exposure.

Searching For Tenants On Platforms They Use To Search For You:

They are searching for you, and you are searching for them, why not find a mutual platform? Sites like Quora are the best places to look for renters. As many of them post queries there while they are searching for a place to rent. Sought out questions that have keywords like renting, neighborhood, moving, etc. and you will find yourself a decent renter in no time.

A lot of questions on Quora are about safe neighborhoods, rent prices as well as affordable places to live. Use such sites to hunt for potential renters. You can register on Quora for free and add real estate and rental property as your interest. When such a question gets registered on Quora, they sent you an email notification.

Social Networks for the Win:

The power of social networking sites can’t be ignored. They are free marketing hubs that c help you a lot in getting your property the right kind of exposure. Facebook, Instagram and such giants can help you a lot with free posting. For example, there are many real estate related groups on Facebook that you can join for exposure. By posting and getting your family members to share your post will help you reach a huge number of people. We are talking thousands of people in less than 24 hours.


These tools and marketing techniques can help you get the most exposure. In time your property will have fewer vacancies, you will not have to go and look for renters, they will come to you, and you will have enough renters actually to choose the best one from the flock. Advertising will also help you up the demand for your rental property. Try these, and you will love the results.

If you’d like to talk more about property management, or you need help with Everest Property Management, please contact us at Everest Realty.

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