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Seasonal cleaning is one way to keep your home neat, tidy, and working to perfection. After a cold winter, we are finally ready to venture out and enjoy the warmth of spring. However, you cannot enjoy the spring if it’s dusty and muddy all around. Apart from that, spring maintenance is also a great way to avoid repair issues and bills later in the year. Here is a compiled yet precise list of spring maintenance that every homeowner, as well as renter, should ace before spring arrives with its full glory. As a landlord, we suggest you collaborate with your renters, and if you do not have any, this is the perfect time to start the maintenance and get your rental property ready for showing.

Let’s get started.


Start with the Gutters:

Cleaning gutters before the wet season is important, and it is equally important to clean the gutters after the wet season has passed. With winters comes a lot of snow. Hence it is important to clean the gutters before and after the winter season. One should also clean and tidy up the gutter before and after the fall season as well. The gunk stuck in the downspout goose-neck of the gutters can cause clogging, which can lead to bursting pipes and leakage, trust the cleaning bill is way less than a repairing one. Apart from that, gutter clogging can lead to structural damage due to leaky roofs or walls. This can damage both the interior as well as the exterior of the property. Such damages are always a hassle and also take a good chunk of money from your pocket.

Tend To Foundation Vents:

Winter storms are relentless; it’s not only the gutters that get affected by them, but foundation vents also get clogged. You can easily clean the debris like stones, mud, leaves, twigs by hands or a shop vacuum. Fall and winter both seasons send a ton of debris at these recessed screens; it’s prudent if you clean the foundation vents before spring starts.

Tackle Moisture Accumulation:

Wet winters and moisture are inseparable. So, as soon as the winter is over, you need to go over your property and tackle any moisture accumulation it may have. Moisture left untreated and unattended will lead to worst problems like mildew and mold; we all know these are easy to get rid of. If your property is occupied, you will need to ask your tenants to keep an eye out for accumulated moisture and tackle it at their earliest of informing you. Be vigilant and visit the property for an inspection too. Notify your tenants that you will come to inspect before the spring sets in. This will also imply that you are a proactive landlord and that the tenants shouldn’t slack when it comes to maintaining the property.

You will need to be thorough with your inspection, check the attic as well as the basement of the house to see if there are any puddles or stagnant water from the rain or snowfall. Attics and the basement get most of the moisture, and you will know as soon as you enter these areas as moisture has a distinct musty smell. This is easily dealt with using a dehumidifier.

However, if you find moisture, mildew, or mold, you will need to act quickly and get it cleared.

Curb Appeal And Spring Maintenance:

Spring is the best time to upgrade the look of the house. Make should your exterior is as good as your interior. The flowers are in bloom; the grass never looked greener; you can do tons to accelerate your curb appeal—plan about Spring landscaping. Think about lawn aeration, over-seeding, pruning of trees, bushes, and shrubs. Invest in trees and plants that are good all around the year; these will never look unsightly no matter what the season is. Spring is also the best time to plant the eye-catching perennials and give your tenants a place to sit and relax on the lawn. Tending to your lawn in spring will help you upgrade the look f your house and add to the curb appeal. Moreover, a good-looking and well-maintained lawn and front yard also add value to the house.

Inspect the Seals:

Harsh winters don’t only affect one’s life it also affects Knick knacks of the house. For example, the seals of doors and windows can get loosen, cracked, or harder due to harsh winters. As soon as spring begins, inspect all doors and windows; this will not only keep your home cool but will also save you money on utility bills. Don’t let your cool air escape through broken or damaged seals; make sure you have checked all doors and windows around the house. Brief you tenants about this as well.

Bring the Green Home This Spring:

Here is a tip to make your home feel fresh and energetic this spring, being some green home. Easy-to-maintain plants in beautiful-looking pots can be a huge plus when you are doing your spring cleaning and maintenance. These plants will not only bring a touch of color but are also great for purifying the air. Plants are a great way to perk up the look of your house, add some color and positivity as well as add the air of wellness around the house.

To cap it all, spring maintenance isn’t an easy job; it does feel like a hard chore. However, when you are done and dusted, the house will breathe once again, you will avoid any unnecessary damage and repair costs, your tenants will be happy seeing how keen you are to keep the property maintained. Moreover, spring cleaning and maintenance add years to the life of your house. A well-maintained property tells the tenants as well as potential owners that the landlord is efficient as well as attentive to the property. It gives them the confidence to invest in your property even more.

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