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Face it; we exist in an age of technology. The majority of potential renters search the Internet endlessly, searching for the perfect rental. If the listing photos presenting your rental do not grab the reader’s attention, it is unlikely that they will ever even consider renting your property. 

Poor quality listing photos may cost you the perfect tenant. To take the best possible listing photos of your property, there are several points to keep in mind.

  • Use quality photographic equipment. If you wish to achieve high-quality listing photos of your property, it is important to invest in the appropriate camera equipment. A wide angle lens is best for photographing both the exterior and interior of your rental. A sturdy tripod allows you to shoot in less than ideal lighting situations. 
  • Shoot several shots in at different times of the day and in a variety of weather conditions. Multiple images, under a diverse array of conditions, can help to paint a clear picture of your property in relation to the environment. 
  • Lighting is a priority. Avoid shooting on gloomy, overcast days when shadows can make a property look worn and weary. It is also best to avoid overly harsh sunlight when the property and surrounding landscape tend to appear washed out and less than inviting. 
  • When photographing the property, shoot horizontal images only. While vertical shots may work in print media, vertical shots do not display well on mobile devices or computers. 
  • Experiment with several camera lenses to achieve a flattering photo without distortion. Try using a wide angle lens to produce a full frame, close up shot of the entire rental. 
  • Unless you are an experienced photographer, consider hiring a professional. It is wise to keep in mind that your listing photos will be seen along with many other listing photos professionally staged and shot. It is difficult for your listing to stand out from all the rest if the photo quality is inferior. 

Creating Curb Appeal

Experienced property managers advise that curb appeal is one of the most critical elements when it comes to renting your property. The interior may be gorgeous, but if the exterior photos are not attractive, most potential renters will cross the property off their list of options without ever seeing the rest of the rental. 

Refresh The Entryway Appearance

The entry way’s design and décor are integral to projecting a welcoming atmosphere. While you may not have thought of the condition of your front door, if you are planning to place the home on the rental market, it is time to consider if a fresh coat of paint can refresh and brighten your property’s visual appearance. 

One of the essential steps is selecting the right color that fits your property and personal style. A light, bright color is inviting, while a dark or drab color can be off-putting. 

Color sets the mood. Determine if you wish to project a modern, breezy and bright appearance or go for a more conservative vintage look. Choose a high-quality, weather resistant brand of paint that will retain its vibrant color and finish for years. 

Painting the front door can be a daunting and challenging task if you're not an experienced painter. You will need to remove the door and all hardware completely. If the paint job is sloppy, it reflects a low standard of care and maintenance in the rest of the home. “A job worth doing is worth doing right:” a professional property manager will see the job’s done right!

Hanging potted plants, containers of flowers, or greenery in season, add a welcoming accent.

Depersonalize The Exterior

Remove personal door nameplates or signs. Get rid of the “cutesy” pink plastic flamingos in the front yard and take down basketball hoops or other sports equipment. 

Potential renters have difficulty picturing the home as their own if your name and personal memorabilia are imprinted all over the property. 

Cut The Grass

A nicely landscaped and well-maintained lawn reflects the general standard of maintenance of the property. Before placing your rental home on the market, cut the grass, rake the leaves, and trim shrubs and trees. 

If the exterior of your home appears neglected, potential renters will assume the interior is also. 

Wash The Windows

If your windows are dirty, water-spotted or covered with cobwebs, the house will appear sad and weary. 

When marketing your property windows should sparkle and shine. 

Light Up The Night

Verify all exterior lights are in good working order, replacing bulbs and cleaning fixture covers. Consider investing in a bit of solar lighting along the sidewalk or to define the driveway and motion-activated lights to illuminate the entryway and provide additional safety and security. 

Store Extra Vehicles Off-Site

If your driveway and the street in front of your house is blocked with a recreational vehicle, boat or sporting equipment, arrange for off-site storage, so the driveway remains open and clear, and the visual appearance of the rental is not blocked. When taking photos, be sure to close the garage door.

Put Your Best Face Forward

“You only have one chance to make a great first impression.”

Before the rental is ready for a photo shoot, it is essential that the property be tidy, clean, and looking it’s very best. Prepping a property can be a major “do-it-yourself” landlord challenge. You may want to consider engaging the services of a professional property manager to ensure the job gets done right. 

Property management services include:

  • Prepping and staging the property for photo shoot and showings
  • Professional listing photographs highlighting the features of the home
  • Using state-of-the-art marketing tools, we display your listing photos in multiple high-traffic sites to attract the ideal tenant for your rental 
  • Pre-qualifying potential renters before showing the property
  • Showing the property and presenting and processing all rental applications
  • Collecting rents and providing an accurate accounting of expenses and income

Time To Call The Professionals

If the task of taking quality listing photos and marketing your property seems daunting, give us a call today for a free property inspection. Let us show you how we take the hassle and headache out of marketing your rental property.

Once your listing photos get people interested in your property, make sure you select the best tenants with our FREE Tenant Screening Checklist. Click the link below for your free download.

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